CFL and Amazon?

I see that Amazon has some NFL games this year (if they did last year, I missed them). I wonder if a streaming service is the future of our league. TSN's coverage feels dated. People under 30 don't watch cable television. I'd be more than happy to ditch my cable package if I could get CFL games through a streaming service.


I thought I saw somewhere that NFL Thursday Night Football was only available on Prime? Could be wrong there, but pretty sure that’s what it said.


I have not had cable for years .

I watch with Apple TV that hooks up easy to the TV and stream seamlessly . I bit the bullet and bought a second one this year for the other tv after finding Samsung smart was not so smart and did not carry TSN .

the only product in Canada that carries TSN streaming .....

You are correct the CFL - TSN deal is antiquated and low on the scale of multi platform friendly

TSN only is terrible on so many levels .

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They carried the same Thursday game four or five other carriers had including TSN for the last few years . I think they bought out exclusive rights .

Wonder that must be US only if it starts this year .

Not sure how they will block it with TSN in Canada or the other streamer

Dazn which

has rights in Canada to the NFL too .....

I think NFL network had it on as well .

Are you watching CFL through Apple TV or somehow without TSN? (Maybe you better PM me the answer :wink:)

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Me too.

LOL :grinning:

I May sound like a commercial .....

Its okay I like sharing the experience . Nothing is illegal .

I pay for the streaming service so its all good .

The device apple TV box creates a menu and you load the TSN app onto the menu .

Now I pay thru the laptop with a TSN streaming account

but I think you can also pay thru an apple account .

Now if you still love cable tv with specific timed watching and commercials there is

IPTV or some other service like that you get like 5000 channels for cheap like 20 or 10 bucks ...
Now that IPTV account you can only watch on one device the last time I looked so its not like cable that way .

I did not use it much as I like watching what I want when I want and hate commercials now .... put up with them with sports so I no longer have it .... I Just tried it for a month or two ...

You can use whatever box you want and apple TV suppourts that as well but a cheaper box would suffice .... the apple tv box is 200 bucks now .

But we really like it's ease of use (plus uniformity )

and you get tons of platforms like amazon, disney etc .... . rent movies and they have ultra 4k and beyond now .

But right now Apple TV box is the only one with a TSN app .

Roku, etc do not support it

I recommend Apple TV any issues I had I could either fix it myself by either googling it or with a simple phone call to apple .

But the initial cost is higher ,


Well I’m certainly not opposed to the idea. Would like to see some details how a package would work for the cfl and if it would work for me or not.


I have the Apple TV box - but I didn't realize TSN worked on it. I have used the app in the past but I didn't like watching on my ipad. I will definitely look into that!


yep just add the app and create an account unless you still have cable then you can bypass the account if your cable subscriber is listed ..

For some reason Cogeco is not listed for some CDN TV apps .


With Genius Sports as a partner with a vested interest in generating revenue, I have little doubt the CFL's streaming rights will be different after the current TSN deal expires. That's still a few years away, so who knows what the streaming service landscape will look like by then. Maybe TSN will have been bought or merged with a larger streaming service.


Amazon has changed the size of the "Duke" football made by Wilson manufacturer for it Thursday Night Football telecast. It looks like pumpkin seed.

This looks bad when the mighty NFL lets a sponsor make a change to it's game. Bad enough the pro leagues let them have TV timeouts.

It's a joke Dave. Done for publicity only. Get back to me if they actually use it in a game.

Good thing they didn't make it bigger or all the "our balls are bigger" CFL fans would be up in arms. :rofl:


Russell Wilson and Matt Stafford looked okay going along with the prank. See the NFL is taking it's fans for granted by playing a "joke" on them. You don't set up your customers for a fake preview. That's just wrong

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Well they should have done it on Apr. 01, it would be ok then, right? They're probably coming out with some you can buy as a novelty & using this as a promo. I doubt the NFL would have the 'balls' to change their balls. :rofl:


I saw the video on Pat McAfee YT channel. Maybe I missed the part that they said it was a joke. Pat's crew talk over each other and make huge howls when it discusses a topic

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I haven't seen anyone has actually admitting it's a joke on the limited bits I saw, but the NFL isn't going to mess with tradition (I think...maybe). Asking players to play with strange balls that mess up their dynamics? I think the ads will be out for Amazon Footballs (only $39.99!) real soon.

I don't know, but a billion dollar deal buys one a say in the product, don't you think?. Remember the TV timeout. comment form Al Pacino's character from "Any Given Sunday"

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I don't watch the NFL so you'll have to let me know the outcome. I'd be a little shocked to see them do this in a game that counts for the standings.

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