cfl -american uniform equivalents

what is obvious to me is:

bc lions= oklahoma state
hamilton- iowa or pittsburgh steelers
edmonton- green bay
winnipeg- st. louis rams and university of washington
sasakatchewan- ny jets

Actually, I thought that the Eagles looked more like the Riders a few years back, but who cares really? Team colours are team colours. Maybe the reality is that the NFL copied from the CFL teams, but you being an American, I would suspect that isnt in the realm of possibility now is it??

HOW THE HELL do u get the cats and steelers mix up

They have totally different desgins the only this is the colours and the NFL is what on its 36 superbowl we just gave a way out what 94th grey cup now who is copying what team now? That is what i thaught

Go back to your 4 down low offence league 4 downs and still cant get 10 yards.

i think you are ignorant of the history of the nfl. the league was formed in 1920. the surviving teams from that year are the green bay packers and the decatur stayleys who became the chicago bears. the league did not start in 1966.

and the bc lions are are exact replica of oklahoma state. i must be a genius.

the point was not who was first. i was just pointing out similar patterns. and if you noticed i mentioned some college teams in there. you canadians are obsessed with the nfl v cfl comparisons. you seem to fail to understand how popular ncaa football is. in many areas it is more popular than the nfl.

Interesting topic, nygiants. The Ottawa Rough Riders' white uniforms from 1964 to 1974 were almost the same (except one had blue and the other black) as the Giants' uniforms and the same design scheme. I believe one influenced the other because they did play some exhibition games against each other in the late 1950's and early 1960's. I apoligize for our anti-american posters. They are ignorant. :oops: The more CFL fans the better. By the way the Giants are my team in the NFL because of their past relationship with the Rough Riders and Frank Clair.

It the way this thread is worded. It means to me that you think CFL uni are copies of American teams, NCAA or NFL. Fact is, it doesnt matter much, ideas, unis and rules get borrowed all the time. As an example, you see QBs wear red(or green) special jerseys to identify them as QBs in training camp, so the defensive hopefuls dont injure them. Do you know which team came up with that idea?? It was the Saskatchewan Roughriders.

great. ron lancaster is my hero>

nygiants, you should pm KK about this one. I am sure he will be glad to get into hours of debate about this subject. Then you could bring up the single point on a missed FG.

CFL came up with them first (like Winnipeg's 2004 away uniforms, Rams copied those first), but the reebok deal made the CFL uniforms look like inside out versions of their NFL counterparts, which is sad, but uniforms change like the tides, and you might see old designs make a comeback or new, more non NFL designs, in the future.

BTW, Winnipeg looks more like San Diego and Minnesota than St. Louis

Giants, your pretty much right but the Pack formed in 1920 but Lambeau only eneterd them in the NFL in 1921. I'm not a big Giants booster but I did respect the Mara family as they gave Lombardi his first NFL job. Little trivia for you if you know who was coach and the other cordinater for the Giants when Vince was there. Probably one of the greatest coaching staffs except for the 96 Packers. I also like NCAA and think the Stamps unis look like my Badgers of WI

that's easy, tom landry. you know lombardi wanted to go to the giants as early as 1951-62 but just couln't bring himself to leave the packers. he was very close to the mara;s. one thing about wellington mara- everyone cannonized him when he died last year. well, he moved the team to bergen county, nj, which was total bs to begin with and then he insisted on calling them the ny giants, which was a pure cynical business decision.

Those championship games the Packers beat the Giants would of been way bigger blowouts but Lombardi called of the troops to not embarass Mara. I always thought it was odd NY playing out of the Meadowlands. Who's your college team?

i grew up in albany, syracuse is two hours away, ao i've always liked syracuse. as great as winning the basketball title was in 2003, i still an bitter over losing to indiana in 87. they had an 8 point lead with 3 minutes left and they lost. total bs. i spent five years in oklahoma city so i follow the sooners as well. i've been to about 20 sooners football games.

well the first game in 61 was 37-0. that's pretty comprehensive. the giants went to the title game in 56, 58, 59, 61, 62 and 63 and won only once, in 56.

Do you remember a Brandon Bulsworth. He was a O-lineman for the razorbacks and died the year he got drafted. I just read his biography

CFL is the older league.

And...the Packers took their jersey colors from the Eskimos.

That's right I'm sure they took the jersey of a team they never even knew existed. Just like Georgia stole their soft G. Of course with all the teams out there some will look alike