CFL amends game protocol

Just noticed this on still reading...

From TSN

The proposed amendments are as follows:

  1. Game officials are to ignore any page if they do not feel there is enough time to stop a play from beginning. If they determine there is enough time to stop a play, they must do so by blowing a whistle and waving their arms in the air.

  2. When the ball is put into play by the game officials (and the 20-second clock begins), the game supervisor is not to page the game officials. The one exception to this is if a head coach throws a challenge flag. In that case, the game supervisor is allowed to page the officials after the ball has been put into play and the 20-second clock is running. Officials are to apply the protocol from amendment one for determining whether to respond to a page.

  3. The stadium clock is the responsibility of the seven on-field officials, the scorekeeper and the two head coaches only - not the game supervisor.

From the look it’s a start in the right direction and well worth the 5 Grand lol. Too bad the Al’s have to eat the cost alone and I would hope that the CFL at least donates it to an Al’s local charity…

Im confused,ignore this page but accept this one,but only when.... :? Im with Dunigan,officials got to much other stuff to look at.Get rid of the pager system,if the game needs to be stopped,page the 20 sec clock so it lights up and the time disapears or something.