CFL Amateur Scouting Bureau Dec 09 Update

December 2009
The CFL's Amateur Scouting Bureau is comprised of CFL scouts, player personnel directors and general managers from the league's eight teams.

When do we make our first pick? Third round or something? Maybe Obie can trade somebody off our neg list to the blue team and get a good return/returner.

I believe we don't pick until the 4th round, but I expect Obie to make at least one trade of significance to get at least one pick in the first round.

First priority for the CFL is REDUCE THE CANADIAN CONTENT then the Canadian draft becomes less of an issue.

Doesn't surprise me that you would say something ridiculous like that.

Canadian content stays. That's why it's the CFL. Is there anyone that would immediately help our team that is worth us trading to get a pick?? Most of our picks in the past haven't made an immediate impact.

This year has lot good Lineman ..
But that's it We are aloaded at Canadian Lineman Spot.
There great trade bate
I'd Like to see us a Find a Way to take Rob Maver (K/P) from Guelph
Gives Nick some Competition But he not worth a Top pick he should be there as late 2 early 3rd Round pick

so that list only included the top 15 canadian player eligable, do we have any idea who the other 35 will be?

And change the “C” in CFL from “Canadian” to “Continental”?

Or how about calling it the XFL, or AFL, USFL, or any number of failed semi-NFL leagues.

The CFL pre-dates the NFL and survives precisely because of its home grown talent.

What about Ito? it seemed like he had a good leg.

I personally would like to see the best players they can find playing regardless of where they are from.....

sounds a little prejudice to me.. only canadians can play ...

I'm Canadian i embrace the Canadian style of play I didn't realise it was Canadians only football .. whats next BOO ALL THE IMPORTS ..

Do you stand and cheer when an import scores for the cats? do we call you a hypocrite then ???
how uncanadian of you

He should also be Invited to camp .

But having a Canadian who can punt Kickoff and Kick field goal saves us a US Roster Spot.

Mine You I like nick alot … it just good Business to have a Canadian who do that …

I think Obie will try to trade for a first round pick to get Bulke (DL). From what I've heard he is a special player, like Brent Johnson, and will be coveted. He will probably go in the top 3.

There is no need for us to get more O-Linemen. We are already stacked there.

No, but booing unintelligent posts seems appropriate right now. How about giving me something to cheer about?

Your missing the almost 100 year rational for having"imports" in Canadian football. Import ratio has been a way to keep the Balance equal for all cfl team,s . Imports are supposed to be better than the Canadians they are displacing, but as Sask proved in 2009, many Canadians are being displaced by inferior imports, who cicle thru the free agent mary_go_round. You can wish for an all import CFL, but it will not survive. NOT even the Toronto media would care less about a league with all NFL rejects. AND just because America doesnt pay attention to CFL, or CIS , that does not suggest that Canadian football is not played at a high level.

I actually like that the Cats aren’t drafting until the 4th round.

Look back at our draft history, right from the beginning. We have never been very good.

The easiest way to get Canadian talent is to let a another team develop a player and then take him when he becomes a free agent.

Look at Dave Stala. He’s a great player. Yes he played 2 games in 2 years due to injury but Montreal turned him into a very good player and they didn’t bother resigning him.

Look at Gauthier. Winnipeg develops him and then just lets him leave. Thanks Taman!

The key to Canadian football is not finding Canadians. There are enough roster spots vs starting spots for Canadians to develop on special team and then sub in and take over (ie Dylan Barker) The key is to find the right American players.

You look at Cobb. We find him in the middle of nowhere and he succeeds. Same with Zeke and Nick. Both guys pluck from oblivian and contribute right away.

If you can’t contribute as an American, you aren’t going to be given time to develop. You either are successful right away or you will be gone in the offseason. If Sandy Beveridge was an American, would he have stuck around for 7 years?

Look at Adams and McIntyre. If they weren’t good, they would be cut between now and training camp. Adams will be in his 3rd year and McIntyre in his second next year.

We on the forums overrate the draft. We do. It’s even tougher to draft a kid who plays CIS vs NCAA. The difference is like night and day. You are waiting an extra year or two with a CIS kid to develop as he’s not used to the pro routine. Sure there are exceptions like Fantuz but it think it’s risky to draft a CIS kid.

As for the comments above about Ito. There are way better kickers out there. This guy was a 72% kicker in college. I’m sorry but that’s not good enough. His punting was around 34 yards. There are a lot of NCAA guys waiting around for tryouts. A kicker gets cut in the NFL and there are 4 guys there on Tuesday to tryout for the team.

Kicking is such a huge part of the game. Sure playing a Canadian saves a roster spot but whoever is the best, that’s who I want.