CFL Alumni Association Luncheon

Hey, for those of you heading to Edmonton next month, you might want to check out this fundraising luncheon hosted by the CFL Alumni Association.

The Alumni are looking to raise funds for the CFLAA Dire Needs Fund, Eskimo Alumni Support Fund, Amateur Football and other local charitites.

This year's theme is: What Happens in the Locker Room... Is revealed at this event!!

There will be over 75 Alumni and Hall of Famers including Angelo Mosca, Peter Dalla Riva, Joe Poplawski, Tony Gabriel, Hugh Campbell, Tom Wilkinson, Damon Allen, Gizmo Williams, Dave Cutler, Herm Harrison and many, many more!

CLICK HERE TO BUY YOUR TICKETS:;jsessionid=jPOy-1Ckr8JYrgb68d3YeA**.node5?dispatch=loadSelectionData&eventId=3182485&jsessionid=jPOy-1Ckr8JYrgb68d3YeA**.node5

Thanks for the info. Wish I could make it!