CFL Alternative Road Helmets

Just to refresh everyone's memory !!! The Ottawa PLAIDJACKS :cowboy: :lol:

Hate them. They do not look like the teams that they are supposed to be.

In football your helmet IS your logo. One helmet per team.

Thank you, My exact point in my original thread.

Its a personal opinion, I think the plaid helmet would have been pretty cool too bad it didnt work.

I was curious, at least. I'm not crazy about the partially-plaid jerseys, because the numbers are actually harder to read than on the blacks but I would have liked to see the whole thing put together. Ah well.

The toques looked pretty snazzy :thup: just wondering,were they available for sale ?

Yeah, I think so. I was at the store this past weekend in fact. I think they have it stock now.

I bought a media guide (finally remembered), a long-sleeved t-shirt and went to Whole Foods to buy a dynamite Rough Rider donut. Chocolate, crumbled cookie crust, and I think little marshmallows. :oops: :stuck_out_tongue:

Damn donut cost me $3 which seems expensive but it's more bang for my buck than I ever got from the actual Rough Riders. :?

A Rough Riders donut ? It must have been pretty stale,that would be one old donut :lol: What no REDBLACK Donuts available ?
Oh well I guess it could've been could've been a "Renegade" Donut :stuck_out_tongue: :wink:

Ugh. I can only imagine what Lonie would have come up with for a Renegade donut. :oops:

Plaid helmets I would have been curious to see. I think that plaid stripes/inserts on the shoulders and down the leg might look OK.