CFL Alternative Road Helmets

I am old school. A CFL tradition guy.

I just do not like the alternate road helmets being used by some teams.

Upgrade that to hate them.

They do not look like the teams they are any more.

My Stampeders look like the old Ottawa Rough Riders.

The Eskimos look like the 95 Memphis Mad Dogs

Sask Riders look like the 1983 USFL Washington Federals.

RedBlacks white helmets just look bland.

I know in a few years the rest or the teams will be doing it , so maybe I will get used to it .

I just do not know what the point of it is.

What I would like to see is for 70's or 80's retro helmets and jerseys to be used during the Labor Day Classic weekends and also during play offs and Grey Cup games .

This way they would have the modern era look ( without alternate helmets ) and pay honor to the past.

BTW, there are a few helmet history sites but the best one is

The CFL sections shows every helmet used and the years.

It is probably because I am getting older but I much prefer the uniforms of the 1970s and 1980s to what we have today. I believe that the league really should be tapping into those retro looks much more than they presently do, especially for a team like the Argos (although Toronto's current uniforms are arguably the best in the league and a nod of sorts to the Argos teams of the late 1960s and early 1970s).

I agree that the 2nd helmet trend needs to end.
I also prefer the traditional looking uniforms, like the current argos, Tiger-Cats, lions and Alouettes.
Also, the Eskimo's home uniforms, rider's retro uniforms as well as the bomber's retro 80's look.
I'd change the rest.
Just for demographic purposes, I'm 32 and have been watching this league for the last 10 years, so the fact that I prefer classic uniforms has nothing to do with any sentimental memory of the 70's or 80's, as I didn't watch back then. I just prefer classic/ traditional football uniforms over flashy trends.

Greater variety of merchandise to sell apparently results in greater merchandise sales. It must work, since most teams across pro sports do it.

I tend to lean more towards the traditional tastes myself and I thought the partially plaid RedBlacks jerseys would bomb, but what do you know, there are quite a few at the stadium. Evidently it paid off. Not my deal, but different strokes.

For fans of other teams, how popular do these alternative options seem to be?

Labour Day sounds like a decent idea, but come playoffs and grey Cup they league needs to "brand" its current looks.

The Lions' gun metal grey uniforms with black matte and orange paw helmets that were introduced in 2013 can best be described as a "home run." Players loved wearing them and fans couldn't get enough of them.

They wouldn't be as popular IMO if the club normally played in black jerseys with orange trim (like they wore from 1960 - 1971 and from 1990 - 2004). I believe it was such a stark contrast to the current orange and white 'creamsicle' look, that it really appealed to the majority of fans. They managed to look current like some NCAA teams without looking outrageous or completely out of keeping with tradition.

Rymes With Orange,

The Lions are my second favorite team. Ever since 2010 when they had Empire Field , I have gone out to Vancouver twice a year for games and will continue to do so.

I am ok with the orange jersey, but I would like to see it a darker orange as it was in the 70's and 80's.

You were spot on when you called it creamsicle orange. I think it might be because of the type of material they make jerseys out of these days.

Not all fans -- some of us actually despise them. Strikeout, not a home run, to me at least.

Agreed. That third jersey sold out immediately as even the team didn't anticipate they would be embraced by the market to such an extent. Lions jersey sales must have gone through the roof that year.

But some of the other third jerseys out there in some other markets...yikes! :lol:

I am with you, Paul. I cringe when I see those Lions' third jerseys.

But if they sold out, they can be considered a home run, no?

I'll never friggin' see 50 Shades of Grey**, but I can't deny that it's successful.

**Unless it's a documentary about the Cup. 8)


"50 Years of Grey Cup", followed by the sequel, "The Second 50 Years of Grey Cup".

I guess that would depend on how many were manufactured. Selling out the complete run of 100 (for instance) would not constitute a home run.

Fair enough.

"Yes, Mr. Braley, we sold both of them" is indeed unimpressive.

I do like Eskies road helmets:

I will not even get started on the Reebok Signature helmets / jerseys.

Oh no , I just did.

Might as well see it through.

The Lions , Argos and Esks looked ok, but the rest were a joke.

I'd like the Argos to use the white helmet with A and blue stripe in the middle; the helmets they used for their 50's retro jersey.

Not a fan of the alternate road helmets. I don't mind retro unis, and some of the third jersey/helmet combos were ok, but the signature series other than BC and Toronto did nothing for me.

Agree, I'd like to see retro unis for all teams on Labour day. A classic look for the Labour day classics.

I love the alternate helmets hoping to see all the teams do it, I just hope there arent all going to be black or white. Id love to see Als go with red, Toronto light blue, Hamilton yellow, Winnipeg dark blue, and BC orange

Since this thread was bumped...

I forget what prompted it, but I asked about the plaid helmets that were planned, and apparently they're not happening. They just couldn't pull it off to their satisfaction.