CFL: Als sign QB Brady

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The Alouettes are bringing a quarterback with CFL experience to training camp in May, a potential backup for veteran Anthony Calvillo. Marcus Brady, who has four years’ experience with Toronto and Hamilton, has been signed by the Alouettes. Brady, 26, has passed for 1,907 yards and 10 touchdowns in his CFL career. Brady’s signing gives the Als five quarterbacks under contract. Ell Roberson, who has spent two years with Montreal, and CFL rookies Scott McBrien and Ryan Dinwiddie, are the others.

Excellect, that guy has some talent, and as AC back up, he should go far with the Als.

I don't see him as a started, like I don't see Glenn as a starter (but mind you, Glenn has more talent), but Brady has to be one of my favoite back up QBs in the league.

he'll be much better than White was to say the less. and hopfully be holding the Grey Cup this November.

And just how has anyone ever benefited from being AC's back-up? When you back-up Calvillo, you are almost certain never to touch the ball.

In three years, Ted White threw the ball in a game about 30 times (15 of which were intercepted and 10 of which were overthrown).

Don't tell me you're getting sentimental Third, and Missing Ted White already! :wink: :wink:

well, if AC goes down, they will have a better QB to turn too, and he can still do garbage duity like no other Backup QB can IMO.

In terms of garbage, I’d say we just released the #1 guy…

Being Calvillo’s backup is a lot like being Brodeur’s backup. You get to learn from one of the best in the business but you better get used to learning from the bench because thats where youll be spending most of your time

This is true. AC credits the time he spent as Tracy Ham's backup to his success now

I was hoping the Al's would of signed Karhi Jones..
Brady vs Jones has potential in being a dog fight, for the back up posistion..

just ask the cats fans Tank :slight_smile:

RO that's exactly what I was going to post. Yes, we all remember how AC coming from the disasterous Hamilton year almost quit football. Almost but not quite to what Brady didn't do. The biggest difference is that AC was a very good starter in Las Vegas and played a few years in the Hammer. In any event, this will do nothing but to help the youngster.

No hank Khari will be back with the Bombers after 5 games whne Glenn shows that he learned everything from Nealon Green!

yeah, I wanna see KJ start for the BBs again, with a more resonable salary.