CFL All Time 50 !!!

What an absolutely AWESOME IDEA !! One that is LONG overdue, eh ??

KUDOS to the CFl and TSN for coming up with this one. Should be part of a GREAT Grey Cup Celebration.

Looking at the list of voters I thought for sure I would see Hugh Campbell's name there ... nope.

Any other names you think should be on the VOTER List ?

I have not got ALL the details -- but they SHOULD have allowed for a little FAN Participation, too. Perhaps let the fans vote on a TOP 10 list or something ...


I absolutely agree, this is a great idea but there should be fans included in the mix.

It would be pretty tough to include Hugh Campbell as a judge when he is a nominee.

It would be pretty tough to include Hugh Campbell as a judge when he is a nominee.
One of those DETAILS I was missing !


No problem, you actually beat me to the punch as I logged on to express my view that the fans should have been consulted. It would have been very appropriate to select one or two fans from each CFL city to sit on the board.

Should be and interesting program nonetheless.

how about doing this when the CFL turns 50 (CFC in 1956, CFL in 1958)? and have a big celibation for it?

Or how about doing it now, since they're already starting it??

we are up to 4

.....we have four, do I hear five?? Five, going once, going twice.....

maybe just maybe…AJ Gass will be 1 of the top 50 :cowboy: that kick was so impressive :lol:

Great Idea! Tough to narrow it down to 50, although I'm gonna go out on a limb here and predict that Warren Moon will be on the list and what the hey, since I'm being so reckless...Russ Jackson might just make it also.

You can't have fans pick, majority of them don't know what they're talking about.. that would be like letting the public vote for the Prime Minister... oh, wait... they already do!.. DOH

here is an article showing the judges names and more details about this! :thup: :smiley:

ok, hey why don’t we have a party this season, and a party in 2008? sounds good to me.

and that’s 5 for asking for Ro1313 to get banned, and 6 for the above statement.

Totally awesome idea

Go Jackie Parker, Willie Fleming and Leo Lewis

This is a GREAT promotion, I think this is an angle the CFL needs to keep plugging - the history. If people are more aware of the (great) history behind this league, they'll be more intrigued by it ... Hockey is legendary in this country, partly because of how well-known its history is. The CFL may never top hockey in popularity, but the more noise made about its history, the better ... I think this is GREAT news!