CFL all stars!

Pos. Player Team
QB Anthony Calvillo MTL
RB Avon Coborne MTL
RB Fred Reid WPG
R Arland Bruce TOR
R Ben Cahoon MTL
R Jamel Richardson MTL
R Kerry Watkins MTL
T Josh Bourke MTL
T Dan Goodspeed WPG
G Scott Flory MTL
G Paul Lambert MTL
C Bryan Chiu MTL

Pos. Player Team
DT Doug Brown WPG
DT Keron Williams MTL
DE Jonathan Brown TOR
DE Gavin Walls WPG
LB Markeith Knowlton HAM
LB Zeke Moreno WPG
CB Mark Estelle MTL
CB Davis Sanchez MTL
DB Kelly Malveaux WPG
DB Chris Thompson HAM
S Kenny Wheaton TOR

Pos. Player Team
K Damon Duval MTL
P Nick Setta HAM
ST Dominique Dorsey TOR

Pos. Player Team
QB Henry Burris CGY
RB Wes Cates SSK
RB Joffrey Reynolds CGY
R Paris Jackson BC
R Kamau Peterson EDM
R Ken-Yon Rambo CGY
R Geroy Simon BC
T Jason Jimenez BC
T Rob Murphy BC
G Patrick Kabongo EDM
G Gene Makowsky SSK
C Rob Lazeo CGY

Pos. Player Team
DT Aaron Hunt BC
DT Dario Romero EDM
DE Cam Wake BC
DE Brent Johnson BC
LB Javier Glatt BC
LB Maurice Lloyd SSK
LB Anton McKenzie SSK
CB Brandon Browner CGY
CB Dante Marsh BC
DB Korey Banks BC
DB Jason Goss EDM
S Barron Miles BC

Pos. Player Team
K Sandro DeAngelis CGY
P Paul McCallum BC
ST Ian Smart BC

I think how most of the Als offence is on this list but we have very few on Defence says alot about the Als D this year

I think Tristan should have beat out Smart...

You forgot Luca Congi in the west special teams.

It makes sense that Sandro gets it as he does kickoffs as well as field goals, but Luca had a great year, most accurate kicker in the CFL this year as well as having the longest field goal this year at 55 yards as well.

Luca and Tristan got robbed.

I think this list is a joke.

the Riders had the best defense for almost the entire season.. yet they only got 2 representatives.

like what kind of poopy-poop is this?

who screwed around with the votes this time?

good one :smiley:

dont just openly cry. Point out who from the riders should replace who from the all star list so we can agree or laugh. As i recall lions D was nothing to sneeze at. You do realize all star spots are assigned due to individual play right?

yup inconsistant Hank Burris is an alstar LOL.

Tristan will beat him out next season. :thup:

Tristan Jackson was just as deserving. More yards on punt returns on 6 less returns not to mention 2 TD's to Smarts 0. He had half as many kickoff returns but still the same amount of TD's. In a sense him being so good hurt him as teams simply kicked away from him. They both played in 17 games this year.

A guy I think who was more deserving than Luca Congi would have been Lance Frazier. The guy was amazing all year long, rarely got beat and had 5 ints. He gets over looked because he's not one of the more prominent names on the Riders defense but he was easily their top DB.

These assignments are all about what did happen, not what could have. Same thing goes for various titles like rushing and receiving. This year it wouldnt be a stretch to say that Simon and Cates would have both won their categories had they not been injured. Fact is Smart DID have almost 1000 more kick off return yards. Thats a lot more than 27 punt return yards and a couple TDs

Its very possible but we dont know yet.

Definitely Lance Frazier would be one player I think should be on that list, he had a great season. As for Congi, he had a great year but DeAngelis is deserving as his percentage is close to Congi’s and he had more attempts.

Who should Frazier replace? Goss or Banks?

I would have to say that I agree with all the choices with the exception of one- Ian Smart. I thought he had a so-so season, definitely not all-star quality. Tristan Jackson, IMO, had the better year, and should be on the list.

Looks good to me. No surprises. Smart more than doubled Jackson in KR yards. He was the premier return man in the west.

Either or. I think Frazier is the best half back in the league right now. My completely Biased opinion (but still true :smiley: )

Sean Lucas should have been on there as well. Riders easily have a better linebacking core than anyone in the league.

I would have been ok with Fraiser replacing Banks but there is an argument either way for that one. I do think that Banks has been exploited at times this year though, Fraiser has been very very consistent.

I would have also liked to have seen Dressler get the nod over Kamau Peterson.