CFL All-Stars

With the season soon drawing to a close , which players will be named CFL First Team All-Stars for each position?

Jon Ryan and Chaerles Roberts will be named without a doubt

Roberts For Sure. Hopefully Jason Tucker, Copeland, And Thelwell Will Be A Few Of The WR/SB Picks. I'd Like To See Flecher As One Of The LBs. Karikari For Saftey. Adrian Smith For DB.

What would you think of this lineup?

QB - Dave Dickenson (BC)
HB - Charles Roberts (Wpg)
WR - Jason Tucker (Edm)
SB - Geroy Simon (BC)
LT - Ozuma Okeke (Mtl)
LG - Dan Comiskey (Hml)
C - Brian Chiu (Mtl)
RG - Andrew Greene (Ssk)
RT - Gene Makowsky (Ssk)
SB - Derrell Mitchell (Edm)
WR - Arland Bruce III (Tor)
DE - Joe Montford (Edm)
DT - Ed Philion (Mtl)
DT - Demetrious Maxie (Cgy)
DE - Brent Johnson (BC)
OLB - George White (Cgy)
MLB - Kevin Eiben (Tor)
OLB - Agustin Barrenechea (Hml)
CB - Korey Banks (Ott)
DB - Donnie Brady (Edm)
DB - Barron Miles (BC)
FS - Richard Karikari (Mtl)
CB - Davis Sanchez (Edm)
K - Sandro DeAngelis (Cgy)
P - John Ryan (Wpg)
KR/PR - Corey Holmes (Ssk)

Coach - Wally Buono (BC)

... I, for sure, wouldn't want to play such a team !

Looks good to me Third and Ten but I might change one of the receivers to Milt Stegall who is leading allreceivers in TD's and average yards per catch.

I guess we could drop Bruce and add Stegall then.

The spot I most hesitated with was kick returner... Holmes? Tomkins? Landry? Lockett? The freakos who throws his helmet in the stands?... The CFL has so many great returners.

I would have picked Holmes too. He's having a great year, has a punt return TD and Kickoff TD and leads the league in kick-off return average.

Tompkins would also be a good pick but Holmes has better return averages then him on both punts and kick-offs

everyone, please notice that stokes did not make thirds list of great returners.... except gms they can still think he has talent.

Everybody, Don't bring up the topic of an CFL All Star game, please. I'm all taped out on that topic.

hey third milt is SB not WR..........

The linebacker position would be the toughest to name allstars. There are so many good ones.

To early to predict..lets see who lights it up on the home stretch... all the way to end of the regular season..

Kanga this isn't about an allstar game, this is about the allstar selections which they actually do. And Thrid I think those are great picks, there are of course some players I would add, but Not sure how you would put them on there though cause replacing any is hard.
And Holmes I think is the definite choice because not only his return yards, but his recieving and rushing yards put him over the top of the other returners.

I know that! I'm asking our new friends not to talk abou that on this topic.

Only thing I would change with your picks Third is I would put Duval ahead of DeAngelis. More points, and a higher field goal percentage.

Looks good... I would drop Maxie for Bellie from Hamilton even with a poor team He is a monster. Hoped I spelled it right to lazy to look it up lol

Here are my just-past-midseason All Star selections.

East Division

QBs- Damon Allen, Anthony Calvillo
RBs- Robert Edwards (Montreal), Josh Ranek (Ottawa)
WRs- Arland Bruce III (Toronto), Kerry Watkins (Montreal)
SBs- Robert Baker (Toronto), Terry Vaughn (Montreal)
LT- Ozuma Okeke (Montreal)
LG- Dan Comiskey (Hamilton)
C- Brian Chiu (Montreal)
RG- Wayne Smith (Hamilton)
RT- Montreal's RT.. --cant remember his name--
DEs- Anthony Collier (Ottawa), Jonathon Brown (Toronto)
DTs- Adriano Belli (Hamilton), Ed Philion (Montreal)
OLB- Agustin Barrenechea (Hamilton)
MLB- Kevin Eiben (Toronto)
OLB- Michael Fletcher (Toronto)
CB- Korey Banks (Ottawa)
DB- Adrion Smith (Toronto)
FS- Richard Karikari (Montreal)
DB- Jason Goss (Hamilton)
CB- Clifford Ivory (Toronto)
K- Damon Duval (Montreal)
P- Noel Prefontaine (Toronto)
KR/PR- Ezra Landry (Montreal)

West Division

QBs- Dave Dickenson (BC), Ricky Ray (Edmonton)
RBs- Charles Roberts (Winnipeg), Jeoffrey Reynolds (Calgary)
WRs- Jason Tucker (Edmonton), Milt Stegall (Winnipeg)
SBs- Derrell Mitchell (Edmonton), Geroy Simon (BC)
LT- Bruce Beaton (Edmonton)
LG- Big 'Chill (Saskatchewan)
C- --Currently vacant, most of all of them have been dissapointing--
RG- Andrew Greene (Saskatchewan)
RT- Gene Makowsky (Saskatchewan)
DE- Joe Montford (Edmonton), Brent Johnson (BC Lions)
DT- Demetrious Maxie (Calgary), Doug Brown (Winnipeg)
OLB- George White (Calgary)
MLB- AJ Gass (Edmonton)
OLB- Singor Mobley (Edmonton)
CB- Davis Sanchez (Edmonton)
DB- Barron Miles (BC)
FS- Scott Gordon (Saskatchewan)
DB- Donny Brady (Edmonton)
CB- Dante Marsh (BC)
K- Sandro DeAngelis (Calgary)
P- John Ryan (Winnipeg)
KR/PR- Tony Tompkins (Edmonton)

CFL All Star

QB- Dave Dickenson, Damon Allen
RB- Robert Edwards, Charles Roberts
WR- Jason Tucker, Arland Bruce
SB- Derrell Mitchell, Robert Baker
LT- Ozuma Okeke
LG- Big 'Chill
C-Brian Chiu
RG- Andrew Greene
RT- Gene Makowsky
DE- Joe Montford, Brent Johnson
DT- Demetrious Maxie, Ed Philion
OLB- Michael Fletcher
MLB- Kevin Eiben
OLB- Agustin Barrenechea
CB- Korey Banks
DB- Barron Miles
FS- Richard Karikari
DB- Donny Brady
CB- Davis Sanchez
K- Sandro De'Angelis
P- John Ryan
KR/PR- Tony Tompkins

That took a bit.. lol

When you put in your picks did you put 'em in order cuz I don't think Edwards would go ahead of Roberts. Maybe even put Ranek or Reynolds higher up than Edwards.

and milt is still a slotback even if you all want him to fill a wr spot. and i think he deserves to be a contender as an allstar in the slot position anyways

For my receiving core I'd have... SB: Stegall (35 and still going) & Geroy Simon. Now at WR: Jason Tucker & Jermaine Copeland or Nik Lewis...either one is amazing.