CFL All-Stars - Not A Great Year For QB's

It doesn't look like it was a great year for quarter backs in the CFL when Ricky Ray is selected at the position with a passer rating of 89.8 and almost as many picks as touchdowns. He did have 5,000 yards passing, but his team finished last in the division.

But then again, who could you pick at the position? Nobody had a great year. BC quarterbacks combined for the best stats overall, it's too bad Dickenson can't seem to ever play a full season.

This post should be PROOF POSITIVE the footballs were a REAL PROBLEM this season.

I would REALLY, TRULY, like to know - WHO was responsible for making the decision to change them this season ... anybody know ? The guy certainly has some 'splainin' to do.


the selection of Ray puzzled me too... but it really hasn't been a typical CFL year (passing wise) personally my vote has to go to either of the BC QB's.