CFL All-Stars - best of the decade

Ian Busby took a crack at selecting a CFL all-star team for the entire decade.

Only two Ticats, which is not surprising given our performance for most of the decade.

He gives brief reasons in the article:


Quarterback: Anthony Calvillo
Running back: Charles Roberts, Joffrey Reynolds
Receivers: Milt Stegall, Ben Cahoon, Geroy Simon, Jason Tucker
Offensive line: LT Gene Makowsky, LG Jay McNeil, C Bryan Chiu, RG Scott Flory, RT Dave Hack


Defensive line: DT Joe Fleming, DT Doug Brown, DE Cam Wake, DE Joe Montford
Defensive backs: S Orlondo Steinauer, HB Barron Miles, HB Eddie Davis, CB Omarr Morgan, CB Jordan Younger
Linebackers: Barrin Simpson, Michael Fletcher, Reggie Hunt


Kicker: Sandro DeAngelis
Punter: Noel Prefontaine
Returner: Corey Holmes

I really hate to say this, but...............I am really surprised that Michael O'Shea is not the list. He anchored a Argo Defense that was was at the top regularly each year.

But in that position he had tons of competition !!! Barrin Simpson, Michael Fletcher, Reggie Hunt just a start

Good surprise that Tiger-Cats are a no-show......not sure about Jason Tucker??????

Yeah, I’d probably take Copeland over Tucker, but I’m still not surprised to see him in there.

Tucker was a beauty, winning the cups. I would have like to see my boy Troy Davis at running back, but i can definitely understand the two that he gave it too. Troy was amazing, we head the heart of a champion, i remember when he somehow did a flip over an o-lineman, landed on his feet and got some extra yards. My favorite offensive Tiger-Cat that I have seen.