CFL All Star Selections: We Got The Pickle

"Leading the East All-Stars is Montreal Alouettes veteran quarterback and four time CFL All-Star Anthony Calvillo. The Alouettes had nine players chosen to the East All-Star squad this season. The Toronto Argonauts had seven selections to the East team including dynamic playmakers Cory Boyd and Chad Owens. Winnipeg also had seven players chosen to the team including the CFL’s rushing leader Fred Reid and defensive end Phillip Hunt who led the league in sacks. The Hamilton Tiger-Cats had four selections to the team led by versatile linebacker and defensive standout Markeith Knowlton."

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Hopefully the TiCats use this as extra motivation to stream roll through the division and onto the big game in Edmonton.

Knock me over with a feather. I'm stunned that we got shafted again. Didn't we allow the least amount of sacks in the CFL and we only got 1 O-lineman on there? Total joke.

The only problem with playing as a team is no one stands out. But I'll take results over accolades any day.

If I believed everything posted on these boards over the last four months, I'd be surprised to see any Ticats in the selections.

Knowlton was our only defensive player chosen.

But if it's any consolation, two of the five western all-stars at defensive back are former Ticats.

I take it that was a weak Marcel Desjardins flashback moment, Ex? LMAO

If the team can use the snubs as motivation, that can only help in the silverware acquisition effort.

Oski Wee Wee,


That's ok, we did work as a team more to make up for some weaknesses we have on the team.

Thats rediculious. 4 All-Stars with a second place team? Sure sounds like a bunch of politics. Its time for Glenn and company to step up and show whoever does the voting that the cats are for real!
Go Cats Go!!


The Bombers won FOUR games and got 7 All-stars. Joke

What really stands out to me is how in the world Eiben gets a spot in the linebacking corps over Jamal Johnson. No argument with Knowlton and Cox, both well-deserving of the honours, but how does Eiben get the nod over Johnson?

That's what I thought too. I know our play has been a little inconsistent this year, but we got ZERO respect. I don't know how we only got 1 O-lineman on there. I will let it go now lol

There's only one remedy to this slight: win the whole darn thing!


I'd say Jamall Johnson got the pickle, for sure.

So aside from Johnson, who else SHOULD have gotten an all star nod? (other recievers...nope. DBs...nope. Defensive line...worked as a unit and shared sacks and such...)

If he got one, we are at 5...did we still get 'the pickle'?

Honestly, I only see that one as a snub, and a marginal snub at that. Admittedly, I don't know enough about Oline play to say anyone other than Hage should have been selected, but I'm sure there is more to it than just the number of sacks allowed.

Teams win championships. Individuals get all star votes.

Much better looking ...

I'm surprised we only got one selection on the offensive line, especially considering we allowed the fewest sacks in the league this year.

Gotta agree with you mycko. By Yards Gained / Yards Allowed, the Cats had the 4th best Offence, and the 2nd worst Defence this season.

Damn straight ! we win the Grey Cup and no one will even remember this all star horse manure. has an article on the CFL all-star selections at .

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