CFL All-Star Selections a Big Joke!

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This has got to be the stupidest CFL All-Star Selections I have ever seen!!!


Only 2 Saskatchewan Roughriders??

12-6 record, in the Grey Cup and they only have 2???

What were the Media writers Smoking??

Winnipeg and Toronto have worse records and they get all those??

what the heck is going on?

Well, at first glance that would seem odd....but on sober second thought:

Who else from Saskatchewan that was on the West allstar team would you think should be on the CFL allstar team?

On offence, the ones who were West allstars but not on the CFL allstar team are Makowsky at tackle and Flick as a receiver. As good as Flick has been this year, I can see not ranking him ahead of Edwards, Simon, Clermont, or Armstrong (but it's close). I can't see Makowsky as being better than Goodspeed or Murphy.

On Defence, I concur with Johnson not making it at corner, but I think Perry and Hunt should have beaten out Jonathan Brown and Eiben, respectively. However, I cannot argue Lloyd missing out, Moreno and Simpson are clearly superior MLBs.

All in all though, remember it's a team sport....the better team usually wins even if another team has more individual stars.

Fair enough.

Tell me who you would pull out and replace with a Rider?

Riders are a good team with few big stars IMHO

Thought I just did....replace Eiben with Hunt, and replace Brown with Perry.

Voting for award winners takes place prior to the playoffs. The fact that the Riders are in the Grey Cup has no bearing on the selections.

hands over box of tissues

Instead of crying tell us who you think from the riders should be in and who should they replace. A blanket homer crying session doesnt promote much debate. Looking at the final list I think it is very fair. Sure there are others you could argue for in a few spots, but overall I think its a pretty solid list.

Waaa-ahhh, waaa-ahhh, waaa-ahhh! Look out, here comes the Wambulance.

Seriously, if you look at the selections, all of Toronto's guys are on defence, and lets be honest, they did have the top defence.

And Toronto was only 1 game behind you guys. :roll:

I'd pull Murphy for Geno...only because RM( whileRM is an allstar by 98% of his play alone) is an ugly, loudmouth, dirty cheater and to reward that is a step backward for the integrity of the game. While GM is someone you'd let babysit your kids.


Why ? Neither of those two Sask players have as good stats as those two TO players. With Hunt , not even close to Eiben's numbers , so could you explain why ?

I felt like Fred Perry and Reggie Hunt should have made it. I wanted James Johnson to make even though I knew there wasnt a hope of that happening - its just hes one of my favorite players :lol:.

But, who cares? RIDERS IN 07!!!

All those Argos and Lions who made the list would happily trade their selection for your team's spot in the Grey Cup.

Few Riders on the all-star team simply means that few stood out amongst their peers. I've said all year long that this is a GOOD means the team is playing as one relatively cohesive unit.

It doesnt bother me that only 2 Riders made it, if they win the big prize, that means they are the best in the league for 07, and that trumps any all-star oversights.

Gut reaction more than anything else really. Hunt comes up with key plays at crucial times of games; same with Perry. Basically I was thinking if I was a GM, who would I rather have on my team, and I'd choose Perry and Hunt over Brown and Eiben.

Mind you, having been born and raised in Hamilton, I may have an inbred bias against a player wearing that blue uniform in the city where I now live and work!!

Daves got a bingo over here...can someone please confirm it? LOL!

Kel're right's funny how winning the Cup....makes all the other awards seem secondary.... I ndividual awards are great ..BUT.. because you are winning the BIG award as a TEAM....that's what it's really all about....GoBombers....