CFL All-Star Quarterback Damon Allen joins Rouge Radio for s

It's Tuesday morning, another new show for Rouge Radio; we sat down with Damon Allen and talked about his new QB Academy. 2010 Grey Cup Festival Executive Director Duane Vienneau talks about the events leading to the big game. Josh Sacobie from Football Canada for the World Flag Football championships in Ottawa. CFL news week 6 recap with CFLer Daved Benefield. CIS off season news with Michel Belanger. CJFL week 3 with Tom Hallick. Plus.. Pedersens Pigskin Picks, AFL recaps, Football Jesus, our prediction pool winner; all in one convenient show Free and easy on I-Tunes.

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Shill. Just looking to score some free advertising.

WTF? Why did you call him a shill? He’s promoting his free ON TOPIC radio show. He’s not selling anything to you or anybody else. This is somebody who just loves the game for crying out loud. Your comment is shameful.

Disagree. Free or not ,the point is if you only come here to score some free advertising for your website or radio programme or newspaper or whatever, that makes you a shill and i think it's against the forum rules. Ever seen this person actually engage with us talking about football? No, he only comes here to plug his programme. That makes him a shill. . . if the shoe fits. . .

To be perfectly honest, I don't have a problem. I don't listen to the show (sorry), but others do. I don't speak for the other mods, just myself.