CFL All-star Game?

you know i am wondering after three years of watching CFL Football i am thinking How come the CFL does not have a all-star game i mean look at the NFL{now don't jump on me cause i am not comparing the C to the N} but in order to have the league showcase in a city they can have a East vs West match up with the best of th ebst at the game let say if the game is in or you know Halifax.

I like the idea but it might be too complicated for the CFL This topic has shown up before on the old forum. Can't really remember what the points were but most ppl pointed out that it wasn't a great idea.....anyone remember differently?

i dont like alstar games in foot ball because no one wants to get hurt so everyone is going at half speed the pro bowl is always a joke

the only good think i can see is that it gives the cfl a way to showcase its talent in a future city and to gain fans in none cfl citys


It's a good idea, but I'd like it the way it is now, where we appoint players to a East, West, and a all CFL all star teams. I mean, isn't that ehoungh?!?

If you want an all star game, create one in Madden (like I have done, pics to come! :wink: ) or the new CFL game sould have one in the game.

I say they should play it in either London, Kitchener, or Toronto. Somewhere in Ontario where the most people are. I have my West team play in London and my East in Kitchener (just to mix it up and countinue the unique CFL tradisions! :wink:).

In the 1980's, they had CFL All Star games for a few seasons, and they were a total bust and fauiler! the last one was played in Edmonton, the frist beening in Vancouver.

Hey! they should inculde the "All Star teams" in the defunct teams catagory!

I agree entirely with thechamp.

Nonetheless, the CFL had allstar games up until the mid 70's or 80's. THey were cancelled due to low attendance. An old CFL factbook from about 1985 that I found in Vulcan had an index of the all-star games and their attendances. If I remember correctly, the highest attendance was something like 20 000 in Calgary in the early 70's. The rest were from 7 000 - 15 000.


I'd love to see it in London, Ontario! Moncton, Saskatoon, and other cities. IF (I said IF!, Horus! and only IF!) they can do them and so far only London has a staduim that can maybe do it. or so I've heard.

Baltimore wouldn't be bad, too bad that didn't happen in 1997! :cry:

So Vancouver, Calgary, and Edmonton have had it, what about Toronto??? and the other CFL cities???

The cfl isnt about all stars, so I say f**k it to an all star game.

Great idea. With the league on the upswing it is time to revisit this possibility. But how about playing the game in Hawaii?

Nah! What about Alaska, no wait, I want a CFL team up there! so that doesn't work! :wink:

if they did an All Star game again (which isn't going to happen but), the league should have a permanet home for it.

All star games were held in all cities which had teams at the time. I agree with the most of you, as if they were to be revived, they should by placed in teamless towns. It's not like it would hurt average attendance!

Hawaii....The players would like that.

How about the "tropical Island" on the West Coast??? Victoria?? Perhaps Kelowna. They could play that after Grey Cup. Theres no snow in BC Until February so the players could still play a round of golf as well! :smiley:

CFL'ers don't make enough money to jeapordize their careers in a meaningless game just for the sake of lining advertisers' pockets with a few Loonies.
On the other hand, it would be cool to have some sort of skills competition like they have in the NHL. But no actual game. Just one big weekend tailgate party.
What are they going to pay these guys to play in an All-Star game? A years supply of Beefaroni (The San Francisco Treat) or a can of Rona Paint?

Go Rens Go!


but if it happened, I say again, it should be in a permenated location in Ontario.

Let's have the Grey Cup in non CFL cities!!!

A CFL All-Star game would be completely pointless. I see a lot of comparisons to the NFL in this thread, but face it, the only reason players even go to the Pro Bowl game is because they get a free trip to Hawaii out of the deal.

To further the NFL comparison, has the Pro Bowl ever been a worthwhile game to watch? It certainly pales (most times) to the Super Bowl. Since the Grey Cup game is almost always more exciting than the Super Bowl, how could we expect a meaningless All-Star game to be worth seeing?

A couple of other points, and I'm not trying to pick on you Kanga..

  • There is no suitable stadium in Canada in a non-CFL city that could stage a proper game.
  • Assuming an All-Star game would be played after the Grey Cup, where would you put it? Remember that this would be the last week of November or the 1st week of December (also Vanier Cup weekend!)
  • The ONLY way you could get an All Star game played would be to pay the players to attend. That means appearance fees, coverage of their expenses to and from the game, etc.... There is absolutely no way that this could be done in a place like London, Kelowna, Halifax, Victoria, Quebec, or anywhere else because there is not a stadium big enough to recover those costs. Kitchener-Waterloo's University stadium holds 8000 people at an absolute maximum. If Halifax had to charge $60/ticket for a preseason game just to break even, what would the prices have to be in another stadium, where you have the added costs of convincing players to come?

I think the named All-Stars is good enough. The outstanding players get their recognition, and nobody has to suffer through a meaningless farce of a game.

I agree - an ALL STAR skills competition / strongest man competition / Wendy’s burger eating contest with fans vs linebackers/ cheerleader dance competition/ all out party. I guess this all can be done Grey Cup week only to include players from the 2 teams. Or how about at a CFL season kick-off show or if there is 10 teams sometime in the near future, there will be no byes, so everyone can take a bye for a week during mid-season for this All Star event.

Don't worry about it mate, I just want to stress the IF part of my post. I'd just like to see the Gery Cup in non CFL citys, wouldn't you? 8)

I 100% agree with your comments about an All Star game, I couldn't even sit thur the Pro Bowl! that's how boring it is! if one wants a CFL all star game, ask the creators of a new CFL game to come up with one and put it in the video game.

How abou in Grey Cup week, all the players from all ten teams while the exception of the 2 teams in the cup, pratacke in all those competitions and the party. and of course after the big game, have a huge party where eneryone is invieded! I like the idea of a kick off show.

How about during the pre season(add an extra week) with last seasons all stars???

Oh, common now Horus....Wouldn't you like to come out to sunny warm Victoria in December and play a round of golf, and slap on some sun tan lotion? Who needs Hawaii when you have the tropical Island on the West Coast.

Ow, my cheek hurts from talking with my tongue in it......