CFL All Star Game

I've always wondered, why doesn't the CFL have an All-Star game? They have All-Star teams at the end of each year, so why not a game with the East vs West? I know a factor might be the weather in Canada around late November/Early December, but.. this is Canada! This is a Canadian game! Nothing would be more Canadian then a game played with snow of December falling. You could also have the game in a Halifax/Quebec City. Halifax would easily sell out. Actually I think mostly every stadium in the CFL would sell out, or get huge crowds.

What do you guys think?

(Sorry if this has been posted before, I've only been a member for about 2 and a half weeks)

Essentially beacuse no one ever plays all out in football all star games due to injurie, just look st the pro bowl

But still, it would make money for the CFL it would act like a fundraiser kind of. I would like to see it, just try it out for a year and see what happens.

It Might Not Actually Make Money For The League. With The Cost Of Flying Teams In From All Different Parts Of The Country. Plus Renting Out A Stadium, Paying All The Employee Cost Such As Beer Servers, Sercurity, Event Staff, Medical Staff, Maintinance Costs. Then Of Course Your Going To Have To Pay All The Players. On Top Of All That There Might Not Even Be Television Coverage, After All The nFK Is Far Underway And Most Canadians Would Rather Watch Football That Means Something, I'll Watch CFL Exibition Before I'll Watch The Pro-Bowl Cause At Least There Is Standings Envolved.

a lot of the players go home to the states when the season you wouldn't draw a lot of players...