CFL All Star Game?

The CFL should have an allstar game dont you think? Could be after week 9...opinions?

Nobody wants to risk injury for a meaningless game.

Type in All-star game in the search post. You'll see a whole lot of arguments against an All-Star game.

Not a fan. Every all-star game in sports other than baseball sucks.

Even the baseball all-star game is a snoozefest. If the NHL all-star game is going to be truly representive of the NHL itself, they need to recgonize defensive defencemen, forwards, and role players to play in the game. We see the stars of the CFL play in every game anyway.

I'd pay money to watch an allstar game between the CFL's American players and the CFL's Canadian players. We'd just have to sort out the QB situation. But that could be a fun game to watch and I think the players would get up for it.

East vs West

I don't think all-star games in any sport can be taken seriously. The players obviously aren't trying their hardest, as they are more concerned with not injuring themselves or others. What I'd like to see is an all-star competition like the pro bowl one they have in the NFL. It would be a neat way to watch players trying their best to beat times or scores in various drills. A widely televised and expanded version of "Damon Allen's QB competition" that included players playing other positions would be fantastic IMO.

Why not play an All-Star exhibition game to kick-off the pre-season in places like Halifax or Quebec City or Windsor? That would have to pull in monster numbers for TSN.

Combined with a concert in the downtown of the city.

I think a CFL all-star game wouldn't be good because football in my opinion is the most phisically demanding sport hence only playing once a week (with the exception of the traditional labour day clasic games and the following friday games). The NFL does their pro bowl a week after the superbowl in a warm climate. The CFL would have to do thiers a week after the grey cup and lets be honest how many fans would flock to an outdoor stadium at the end of November to watch an all-star game. They couldn't host it year after year in Vancouver, Toronto or Montreal because the novelty of this would wear-off the first year.

Good points Steve.

And it would be nice to have an all-star game in a possible expansion city before the season, but again - the risk of injury is way too high.

A skills competition is probably the way to go. Actually, I think that's a really good idea. You'd have to make it interesting enough to draw big audiences, which may be tough. But it could be done during those mid-season breaks that each division has ... as in, during the East Division's week off, they could have an East Division skills competition.

i would personaly like to see one like think about with star players play in the preseason they'll be willing to play in and all star game for underated players it would be a chance to prove them selfs

Many years ago, the CFL allstar game was played with the defending Grey Cup champion taking on the stars from the other teams.

I personally like this idea...Firstly, it gives the defending Grey Cup champion another exibition game and the revenue from another home game... a little reward for being the champion. Secondly... the players of the allstar squad will come from 7 teams instead of 4 (if the game is an east west thing) reducing the risk of having many key players from one team injured during the game. Thirdly, I think it would be a better game with more intensity especially for the defending champion squad wanting to prove to the rest of the league that they were truly the best "last year."

I would like to see the allstar game have the same player ratios as during regular season games.... 19 imports, 20 Canadians and 3 Quarterbacks...

They couldn't host it year after year in Vancouver, Toronto or Montreal because the novelty of this would wear-off the first year.
just like the novelty of having the pro bowl yr after yr in Hawaii has worn off.
Nobody wants to risk injury for a meaningless game.
I am not quite saying one way or the other for a cfl all star game, but the above argument holds no water. IF the millionaires of the NFL can do it, and the millionaires of the NHL can do it mid season, then its no excuse for the CFL players not to.

However, while it is quite the honor for most to play, or at least be selected, in the other major league all star games, being selected for the all stars out of only 8 teams is somewhat less a thing to be proud of, I think.

What might be nice is to see an all canadian all stars game, not just CFL, but college as well, in the same game. I bet that there are some canadian college players who are better than some canadian cflers at any given time.

Why not in the All-Star capitol of the world, Hawaii.
That would be a great reason right after the Grey Cup to get away for a winter vacation.

get a better canadian turnout in Florida

OK, I'll take Florida as a second choice, what with all the snowbirds.

Turks and Caicos.

Why not build upon the Damon Allen quarterback challenge? Put a little more money into it and come up with some interesting challenges for the players. Challenges that would minimize the risk of getting injured.

I like the idea of a non-cfl market hosting the game to build interest and do it in the middle of the season while interest is high. I think it would work.