CFL All Star Game

With the recent announcment of the CFL All Stars I was thinking that it would be a great idea to have a All Star exhibition game. I mean the leauges best players from the East and West coached by the leauges from best coach from the East and West in a game for the fans. I would love to watch a game like that. Have it played in Vancouver or Toronto since they have the domes to play under and have it in December or January. And to make things even more interesting for the fans, let us choose the coach for each team by voting on for each division.

there used to be an all star game. Then a few Riders got killed in the 1950's from a plane crash. Guess What? NO more all star games.

Well we can't let the Rider Nation stop the rest of the country from enjoying good football. Teams fly all the time.

I don't know. If memory serves when they had all-star games they were never well attended and the ratings were pretty poor. I for one,would watch it and participate in any voting but I'am not sure we'll see an all-star game in the near future.

It wasn't the plane crash that stopped the all-star game.
It was lack of interest combined with concerns by players over injuries, pay, etc.
But the game itself was played at least until the 70s. Not sure if it was played each year, and I can't remember when the last one was, but it did continue after the plane crash.

NFL still does it , but the game s ucks . Do people really care about it down there ? Seems pretty meaningless other than trying to prove who's star players are better , which it doesn't acomplish.

I'd definitly watch it, if its like a week after the grey cup. If its in vancouver i'd go for a reasonable price. As long as its competitive, and not like the NHL's all-star game.

BTW what happened to the East West Logo's? What will they do for a jersey?

I personally hate all-star games, especially football ones. None of the players have played together and are not always on the same page. Usually blitzes are not allowed which takes a whole section out of the defensive strategy playbook. If the CFL had an all-star game I don't think I would watch very much of it.

I love watching the games that matter when the players play with passion.

They could sell the All-star game as part of a Grey CUp ticket package.

All-star games $uck peroid. They dont reflect what any game is actually like, the NHL doesnt have role players in the game, its just glorified pond hockey. The CFL game would be the same way, and even if you made the game count for something , like baseball does, it would still be a bore.

I agree.
I cant see the players giving 100% for an all star game so why bother.

I would also hate to see a career ending injury in an all star game as well.

Ask Robert Edwards what he thinks of them

Its a free trip to Hawaii. Hmmm what could we offer the Canadian players… A free trip to Victoria?

The 3,000 seat stadium might accomodate the interest!

If I recall the game was All stars vs Grey Cup winner and players I believe wore own team jerseys???

if an all star game was to be played it would be better attended in the west where there are more true cfl fans, or at least rotate it around like the grey cup

I remember an All Star Game in 1983 the week after Grey Cup. It was held in BC Place and despite sold out games throughout the season ( this was BC Place's first year in operation) the game drew only 12 thousand.
Please don't revisit this! Is there anything in all of sports more boring than all-star games? I'd rather see a pre-season match.

Just don't play flag football on the beach....

Nice poppy by the way, ro.

I agree, no all-star game, football is the worst since the game must be played at high-intensity for hitting and you can't do that in an all-star game.