CFL All-Names Team

Who's got the best name in the CFL? I'd say my (biased) vote goes to the Riders' Yo Murphy.

Not a CFL name, but the punter for Southern Mississippi University is Britt Barefoot.

He does wear shoes when punting.

How about Tom Canada

I remember a guy named Wonderful Monds, but I can't remember who he played for.

Then there's, Ralph Brock or is it Brock Ralph or Dieter Ralph or Dieter Brock, Brock Dieter, Ralph Dieter. What's a Dieter anyways?

How about Julius Caesar , or J.C. Watts? Wonderful Mohns(or Monds) played for the Ottawa Rough Riders back in the 70’s. They seemed to attract all the weird names for whatever reason , lol.

Etienne Boulay is quickly becoming my all-time favourite, but any all-name team must have Kevin Smellie and Charles Assmann on the roster.


I believe Wonderful Terrific Monds Jr. played for Ottawa.
Wonderful Terrific Monds III was a minor league baseball player.

dont forget Prince McJunkins III Backup Qb for Ottawa years ago

i know this is a nfl name, but i like the name peerless price.

How about Tony Champion, LaDouphious Mcalla, or former Ottawa Renegade owner Lonnie Glieberman?

I always liked jojo heath.

proudfoot was a good one

How did this league end up with QB's with last names like 'Ray' or 'Pierce'. Its classic!


Bubba Wyche..I think he threw 3 passes in his illustrious backup career :lol:

Eros Sanchez. The best CFL porn star name until the advent of Buck Pierce.

Bunner wrote:
Eros Sanchez. The best CFL porn star name until the advent of Buck Pierce.

....or Chip Cox.....

Kojo Aidoo on the Ti-Cats

Patrick Kabongo of the Eskies.