CFL Agrees to Partnership with the B.A.F.A.

Odd that I couldn’t find a reference to this on

"The CFL and BAFA have agreed (to) a partnership that will see links develop between the two bodies. The British American Football Association (BAFA), are the national governing body for the sport in Great Britain. "

Another step in 2.0. Curious to see how soon an enhancedmedia deal come together.

FYI, It’s on the main site but a few lines down on the right panel.

Now aligned with federations/leagues in 10 countries internationally.

I’ve not heard of the BAFA prior to this, but it looks like a potentially good partnership. Would this result in a game in Tottenham stadium?

NFL copycatting now.

Hmmmmmm, I guess the almighty NFL is copying the “dying” CFL. That CFL 2.0 is such a bad idea that NFL is now doing it.

More copying

I mean, it says right in the article that the program started in 2017. Not really copying…

I am surprised the nfl is investing in this. I figured they would just let the cfl and the other federations do all the grunt work, then drop money down for the needles in the haystack.

Thanks for that. For some reason it didn’t display for me. It’s actually a slightly more informative article too.