CFL adopts three rule changes;

CFL adopts three rule changes;
Moncton Times & Transcript May 24 2006


The changes were first proposed by the CFL rules committee at its February meetings and ratified during a teleconference last week.

Coaches will now be allowed to call timeouts under one of three rule changes approved by the Canadian Football League's board of governors.

The committee decided to allow coaches to call timeouts because they determine strategy and should be allowed to make the request, along with players.

The new rules announced yesterday also bar players from using open or closed hands to the face of their opponents and revise the no-yards penalties on kick returns.

The hands to the face rule was instituted because of safety concerns stemming from players using leverage on opponents' face masks.

The no-yards revision was made to clarify each of the six possible scenarios involved.

The committee felt players were routinely and deliberately invading the five- yard zone on bouncing balls believing that
only a five-yard penalty applies for the infraction.

The new rules state interference with a kick receiver, with or without contact, should result in a 15-yard penalty.