CFL Admits Reffing Error

The CFL's ref-in-chief admits that a screwup was made and there should have been an interference call with 4.5 seconds remaining in last weekend's game. The Als would have been first and 10 on the Hamilton one. Jim Popp insists he would have gone for the TD. We'll never know how things would have turned out but...

Should judgement calls be challengeable in the final minutes of a crucial game? Should the central "scrutinizer" have automatically reviewed the call? I think a rule change is needed for situations where the outcome of the game and the season is on the line.


I think everything should be challengeable
Penalties called or not called
spot of the ball on every down
possession of a fumble

You still only get 2,
But every decision that a ref can make should be challengeable

Why not...

Nice of them to own up to the blown call, but I am far from convinced that the outcome of the game would been any different, given our consistent ineptitude this season. It's entirely possible that we'd have failed on our one attempt to punch the ball in from the goal line as time expired.

I have a feeling that significant number (I do not have the fact to say most) of blatant bad calls - so blatantly bad that the League acknowledges them - go against the Alouettes. Avon Cobourne's TD rush in BC being annulled for timing non-error, Winnipeg supposedly PI in Montreal that instead went to Montreal defender and this one.

Am I being paranoid? My position in that bad calls are everywhere and they are not suppose to influence whether a team wins or loses, but with those blatant bad calls I am losing my faith.

Ce jeu n'aurait seulement pas dû avoir une quelconque importance. Si Whyte avait réussi un seul de ses placements ratés, les Alouettes gagnaient la partie.

L'ineptie de l'attaque des Alouettes les a coulés.

And the EDF proved my point. Nobody has any right to complain about the D, nobody. We held Hamilton to 19 lousy points in over 60 minutes of football and lost. Toronto's vaunted D gave up 36 points and lost when their offense posted 26 points in total. I don't care in which half points are scored; when your O posts 26 points in a playoff game, you should be able to win. Conversely, when your D holds the other team to 19 points, you should be able to win.

Provided we don't lose too much talent to free agency and expansion draft. Richardson returns in shape and we put proper OC in place. I think we can compete. Those things must happen and the Als need to have a good recruiting class. Our #4 draft pick should yield an excellent player.

You forgot kicking. We absolutely NEED to get our kicking situation resolved in order to succeed. The other thing is, putting a proper OC in place isn't going to be easy, especially if Popp returns as HC. If the HC position were vacant, we could promote a guy into HC-OC role (similar to Trestman) while an understudy was groomed (similar to Milanovich). Now, we have to promote a position coach somewhere, recycle a coach who's been out of the league (Barrett), or bring in an unknown from south of the border.

Should the Als opt for a new HC, please not one from down south with no CFL experience.

I would prefer to see them promote someone such as Thorpe or someone else in who is currently in the CFL looking to make a move a la Dickenson (although highly unlikely he would come east but at least inquire).

I don't mind the coach having no CFL experience. If we only limit ourselves to CFL-ready candidates, it'll be a small list. What I mind is having a coach with no pro experience. That, to me, was Hawkins's downfall.