Cfl admits Mistake [url=] ... fault.aspx[/url]

The elderly ref was hit pretty hard and the head ref over-reacted, probably thinking the player could of held up more. Perhaps wanted to send a message for players to be aware of the refs on the field and not just run through them.

When the ref was announcing the call he could barely get the words out he was so worked up. He should of asked for a clarification from the video ref upstairs before making his call.

others may have different views on the effort to not follow through on the hit but we all agreed that the expulsion was unwarranted. Good call and actually more then I would have expected from the League.

That's just retarded....Why couldn't Higgins have reviewed it and stoped the ejection in the first place.... Bwetter yet why wasn't Armour allowed back on the field after a few minutes with the refs explaining they made a mistake....
This is just wrong.... I swear if it takes Tom Higgins joining the TSN panel for every game and having authority to change calls on the fly then so be it.... Be innovative CFL... it's a damm good idea.

Yes, the ref staff should have huddled together to discuss and if necessary used the camera review system before making the stupid call.

They did huddle. open the envelope marked 'secret mission'...

NO to check their sport select tickets. I did notice the ref after the call lifted his shirt and the belly had a sign Go riders go. LOL

right on!!!!


You know, it's nice to see the league admit they were wrong and take responsibility. But in these types of situations, it really doesn't mean much. The damage has already been done.

it is an obvious plot by the referees association who all have shares in the Saskatchewan Roughriders!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well I want an explanation/apology as to why Damon Duval was thrown out 4 years ago :wink:

I always thought Jim Popp was behind that call. :wink:

I know thats a joke but......why?

I wouldn't hold your breath... :stuck_out_tongue:

Now that makes sense! Or just maybe the fine Tillspin got was really a pay off LOL.

Good to see the CFL reacting quickly to rectify this major error in judgement. It will be interesting to see how the story unfolds over the next week. Somebody needs to miss a game or two over this and I'm glad it's not going to be Armour.

We don't need to see anybody's head on a pike, but there should be some sort of disciplinary action taken — a suspension or fine or both — if it's determined that the call was the result of negligence or dishonesty. If it was made in good faith and based on information at the time then I don't see how the ref can be faulted. It may be a problem with the system and not the individual.

Maybe there should be an automatic immediate video review in cases like this.

Classy move by the league. Having Higgins there looks like it will make a big difference. Overall, as much as there has been a lot of whining going on, the officials seem to be way better this year.

I can't remember there being this many close calls at this point in a season and for the most part the calls that have been made on close plays have been right.

LOL Your a rider fan right! The riders have benefited in 6 games questionable calls of course you would say that they improved. Ask Toronto, Montreal, BC, Edmonton, Calgary fans.
The problem is this type of action should not have been considered in the first place. Was the ref pushed or punched or hit with a helmet. No he got run over during the play. This was probably one of the most dumbest penalities that has been called. Yes Duval fro Montreal had one that was similar. They should have reviewed it after the game and is a suspension was warranted it should be the next game. This is out right pathetic. Jake Irelands crew has done this to Calgary way to many times. The old fart should leave he is a waste of a refs uniform. Yes Ro he did not make the call but it is becoming obvious this guy can not lead a group of refs. Time to retire IMO.