CFL admits Command Centre was wrong on PI call

Not to diminish the Command Centre glaring errors but the NFL isn't much better . The Steelers' Antonio Brown caught a pass on Sunday and was tackled . His knee was down and he had clear possession of the ball. When his back hit the ground, the ball popped up and was caught by the Ravens who ran it in for a supposed score .

Instead of going with the on field call of down by contact, the Command Centre ruled it an interception but without the touchdown . The ball was placed where Brown was tackled .

Later, a close goal line down by contact running play was reviewed and when asked what he thought the outcome would be, Dan Fouts sarcastically said " Interception" .

My only conclusion is that Jake must have a relative working for the NFL because their call was bogus as well !

Pat Lynch (the old guy)

I agree .
The CFL would be better served if TSN commentators were the "Officials" making the decision on the Coaches appeals.
Glen Suitor and Duane Ford are by far more experienced and better at making these calls than Johnson and company.
Suitor and Ford making the decision would be more entertaining and in my opinion they are neutral and accurate in their opinions .
It would be easy to check out their record , replay all the bad calls by the "Center" easily available on TSN and compare the commentators record to the bad calls by the center....
Ford and Suitor are way better and think how much money the CFL could save without a "Command Center" !

I would really like to know what Jake Ireland's picks on his ProLine ticket were??Or maybe he was in conversation with a member of the Gambino family while reviewing the play.What a scam!!!

2015 season, Hamilton played Ottawa in the last game at home. Tiger cats got an interceptionand ran it back for a touchdown, which gave them the lead late in the game. HOWEVER, it was called back for two penalties against our defense on the same play.

And because it was a scoring play, video review looked at it as well.

After the game, Glen Johnson, head of officiating, declared that BOTH calls on that play were incorrect.

Now, like then, the announcement had zero impact on the outcome.

If the referees and the video review bozos are going to determine the final score of a game, then be real and declare the CFL like pro wrestling.

Especially in cases where the call has a direct impact on the outcome of the game, there needs to be steps taken. Be it fines, or recompense for the error.

It wouldn't matter as much if say the cats were down 36-10 in the 4th, it'd just be a bad missed call and would not have likely impacted the game in the slightest but anytime a ref makes a call that impacts the outcome of the game for any team (and it doesn't just happen to Hamilton) then that officiating team needs to be punished.

This level of incompetence cheapens the product - period.

It also destroys any integrity or faith that the fans have for those who rule the game.

When these incompetents can determine the outcome of a game or a season for a team, then as a fan, I am reluctant to pay to watch such a debacle.

Just as there are consequences for coaches and players when theyfail, there should also be SERIOUS penalties for those officials, either in the booth or on the field, who make such blatant errors.

I’ve said it before, and I will say it again. Keep the challenge, get rid of the command centre, and let the on field officials review the call. For e ample, the guy who made the call together with the head official, who has veto power. Not only more accurate reviews IMO, but an automatic training opportunity.

Enough is enough...
If Glen Johnson does not have the balls to fire Jake Ireland.
Then the new Commissioner of the CFL, needs to step in and
fire both of them...period.
Ireland has always been biased to the Cats, from the day he
worked on the field as part of the crew working games.
How this asshole ever got promoted into the Command Center
is beyond belief...
If I was Bob Young, I would demand Irelands firing.

I'll tell anyone who'll listen that the Canadian game is far superior to NFL: no fair catch, the runbacks of missed FGs, larger end zone etc. But that command center disgrace was an embarrassment to the game.

Even if the Ticats had pulled it out, that call still would've caused me to lose a little interest in the CFL

Can't say it much better than Josh Smith has said it. Mr. Ambrosie needs to take the initiative and get this corrected NOW.

wow Too little/too late

Yeah, too little too late. The apology and you still need $2 to get a coffee at Timmy

The apology provides absolutely nothing except admission of guilt and consistent wrongdoing. It cheapens our game and provides way too much conflict. Fire Jake Ireland immediately. The guy must be fossilized by now. He was calling plays wrong in the 80's.

I agree the Command Centre is bad at its job, but I’m not convinced their incompetence affects Hamilton disproportionately.

Cleary we have a beat reporter who is good at chasing down these stories after a game after controversial calls. He somehow gets unnamed sources with the league office to give him their honest views. I don’t question Drew’s methods or his sources - I think they’re probably accurate. But these are not official league statements. There is no official tally sheet acknowledging what went wrong after each game.

When other teams are hit by bad calls, they may not happen to have a reporter in their town who chases down the truth. That doesn’t mean those teams are burned any less or more than the Ticats.

To me it’s much easier to believe that there is widespread incompetence spread around randomly, rather than some age-old conspiracy to screw one team for no discernible reason.

I agree. I don't buy any of the conspiracy theories at all.

That doesn't mean the officials or the command centre are doing a good enough job.

Bring back Tom Higgins.

Yeah, but it sure is disheartening to lose a game that way.

It's tough enough to work at beating the other team, but how do youdefend against bad officiating?

Even when you're're wrong.

The TSN group rebroadcast the Ham/TO game in AB this morning.
This comment is not related to the command centre constantly failing one team.
Late in the 2nd quarter the Ticats are driving to the TO one yard line, a questionable offside call against Ham, a Masoli scramble and incomplete forward lateral?, this preceded a roughing the passer on Masoli but no call.....he had released the ball! Also, after a fielded kick our returner went out of bounds, 1-2 yards out of bounds he is still brought down .....with no flag. Now instead of a potential TD, we are moved back to 3 point land. We make the kick but were they looking for anything possible? Meanwhile our defence has neutered their running attack. Wicky Way had been sacked 3 times already? We were controlling the leaky ship Argonaut.
I feel that at half time with the TiCats owning most of the stats and taking control of this game, a decision was made to ramp up the calls and attempt to change the momentum by the officiating crew. After all, with a Hamilton win, who knows about a playoff berth after an 0-8 start. This would not sit well with the TO group.
I agree that all teams get an occasional sketchy call, but Hamilton appears to get more than "them".
I'm thinking that after a game when an apology is given out by the league, the officiating crew from that game should be disciplined somehow.
Removed from their next game in rotation? (Perhaps left along Beach Rd. at night with their uniforms on) or anywhere in the north end

CFL Refs are so damn bush league with calls like this that have turned me away from the game and have turned many others off as well.

Inconsistancy and the inability to make proper calls based on the rule book rather than an officials own judgement but what makes this call even worse is the fact that it was the CFL Command that made the call??

How many times have the Ti-Cats been jeoperdised by the officials in this league right from Speedy B's TD return in the Grey Cup against Calgary a few years to this call. High time to correct the officiating, maybe fire them all and employ a computer based system.

CFL has no comment on replay screw-up:

Hey, way to address the ongoing issue, you donkeys!