CFL admits Command Centre was wrong on PI call
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[ltr]CFL has informed Hamilton that Command Centre call on Demond Washington vs Argos did not meet its standard for pass interference. #CFL[/ltr]

[ltr]Apology #4 coming soon[/ltr]



what a joke, year after year its the same BS wheres the accountability if I performed this way at work I would be unemployed

How do we get Ireland fired?? Three years in a row we get an apology fir the command centre incompetence!! Absolutely absurd.

At least the on field officials got that one right. Now what about the Simoni tipped ball out of bounds? Where’s the apology for that?

Can we make the playoffs by having more apologies than the other Eastern teams?

The league really needs to sort out this mess with officiating and the command centre. This type of debacle has been pretty consistent lately and they will not attract new fans this way. Hell, they won't even keep the ones they have right now.


Too little/too late....

The real question is, useless apologies aside, what are they going to do about this going forward? ? ?

Total incompetence, no excuses.
Glen Johnson should be fired as the head of officials, way not just many mistakes, but glaring mistakes.

Quelle surprise. A mere sorry but the Toronto Argos aka Team TSN since they own them, move one step closer to the pre-ordained Eastern Final at the expense of one of their toughest rivals. Thanks for nothing CFL.

Unless the CFL serves the heads of Glenn Johnson and Jake Ireland on a platter by publicly firing them and having them replaced, the CFL attempt at an apology, after somany similar past incidents which have somehow targeted the Cats disproportionately in comparison to every other team, is insincere and bogus.

Probably nothing. These apologies have been coming in year after year and nothing changes.

The refs need to be reprimanded somehow and demoted or outright fired.

So, how many is that now? Five in the past four years?

"The Snake "and his Mickey Mouse command centre looks like he is in his fricken Argo man cave rec room ! What a JOKE !


I guess us fans were not just wining about the officials. How many mistakes have to happen before something is done about it? Do they need a committee at the command centre? I can tell you in error likely situation's I deal with, we have 2 independent reviewers followed by an expert reviewer if the first 2 do nit agree. This must be fixed.

Well, last year at the commissioners q and a with the fans during Grey Cup week, I tried to ask the question about the command ctr making bad calls and the league admitting to it days later. I was not allowed to ask that. They just wanted happy questions.

OK, it's three in three years, but apologizing for five bad calls in total.

2015 - League apologizes to Ticats for two blown calls in game against Redblacks

2016 - League apologizes to Ticats for two blown calls against Eskimos

I guess the good news is that they're getting better, only having to apologize for one bad call this time.

In my best Asian accent “SHOOO SHORRY”. Oh, did that loss cost you a ticket to the playoffs…oops, sorry. HOW! can everyone else see this and say no to PI and the know-it-all’s in Toronto call it PI? And what the hell does SORRY achieve! Replay the game, that will fix it.

I Just checked, absolutely nothing about the blown call on It is interesting that the officials who only have a split second to see the play got the call right, and the guys watching it in slow motion screwed the pooch.

How about the fellow in the Command Centre, who actually overturned the correct call, Mr Ireland, was it, manning up, looking us in the eye and making his own apology? Having “the league? make your apology for you is like having your Mommy fight your battles on the school yard.

Let’s put a face on the culprit, and let’s him have take responsibility and accountability, for not only making the wrong call, but also overturning the correct call. Two errors in my book.

Plus a few posters on this forum owe the rest of us the same apology.

The thing, or problem, is... I don't recall the League actually apologizing to the TiCats for the numerous officiating or CC "mistakes" made over the last few years.

It has admitted too late and after the fact that "Oops, we made a mistake, or mistakes." Admissions but no actual "Sorry"/apologies, as if that would be any good or make up for anything ?

What next? Coaches can challenge the challenge results?
How can a trained official with access to numerous angles and slow motion miss a call so badly?
Make your own decision. Either one gets him fired IMO.

Does anyone know how many "wrong call " apologies were issued to other teams in the same time frame?

I find this latest episode of injustice (and there is no other appropriate description) made by these clowns collectively known as the command centre a travesty. They have made several grave errors that have directly affected the Hamilton teams season outcomes over the last 3 years. I agree with so many of the other forum participants who feel that the person responsible for theses mistakes is relieved of their duties immediately. I feel that they should not be reassigned or be given other roles, simply thanks for coming out......but see ya!
Apologies are for newlywed quarrels and just not acceptable any longer.....if not mistaken this will be season 3 in a row.
We did start off this season miserably, talk of the league again, but with a few changes we got the team to start believing in the product again. The Ticats were having fun again, we all saw it in their faces.
Then Trestman throws this challenge flag on a seemingly wasted effort, You could almost see him grin.
Even the TV crew were surprised, then the eventual decision.
I do agree with you other fans that this "command centre" process has run it course.
Our commissioner should relieve these people immediately, including penalizing any on field officials for exercising poor judgement. I would think that elimination of the command centre as we know it, and perhaps utilize our stadium video resources by our on field officials. They would have the same multiple views as we do at home, they could then deal with a challenge situation in house.