CFL a Winner on TV Thanksgiving Day

No I was a fan way back then to. I remember being so frustrated with the guys who used to run this league before. I guess that's why when I think of back then to what Chris rudge is doing with the Argos now I see a lot of similarities it's frustrating to see as a fan. At least we got Mark Cohen now and the guys who work with him seem to do a pretty decent job there still room for improvement but at least we can't compare them to rudge. Cfl and the fans need to stick together and let there voices be known when guys like Chris rudge don't do there job right!

Why not? You certainly don't mind comparing Rudge (unfavourably) to everyone else.

You can't compare the people who work for the cfl right now to Chris rudge because they do there work,committed to growing the league,organized, smart,not lazy etc.. Cfl is in an upswing right now all the teams are doing well in there cities except for the one that Chris rudge works for. Cfl has to get rid of these guys like Chris rudge who don't work hard and are there just to pick up an easy pay cheque!

Thanks for clarifying that – I had thought you were a Rudge supporter. Silly me.

No far from that pw13! Chris rudge needs to be let go from his contract I bet any money right now rudge isn't even bothering to look or talk to people about getting the Argos a new home. The only thing that Chris rudge is working on right now is making up excuses to why he won't be able to get the stadium complete!

If I take that bet, how will you prove you are right?

Yeah that would be tough to prove if we ask Chris rudge I imagine he will make up some stuff on how he is talking and working hard at it. I would make a bet on the fact he won't have a clue where in 6 months time the stadium will be which rudge is claiming to be the time that he will know more information! I do know that when the media are going to be asking rudge in that time frame about it that he will have a lot of excuses to why he hasn't been able to get anything done with regards to this matter.

Maybe (inadvertently?) the most sensible thing you have said on this forum?

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Friday, 10/18: #TSN #CFL: CAL/EDM 631,000.