CFL a Winner on TV Thanksgiving Day

We need more reports form Chris Zelkovich.

CFL Wins Thanksgiving Gold

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[b]The anti-CFL crowd will have you believe that, given a choice, Canadians would prefer to watch the National Football League than the game played with three downs and a rouge. It'll be interesting to see how they explain what happened on Thanksgiving Day (ours, not theirs), which isn't really anything out of the ordinary.

A matchup between Hamilton and Toronto, the league's weak links, drew the biggest long-weekend TV audience among sports that don't involve sticks and pucks. The game drew almost 1 million viewers to TSN while the earlier Canadian Football League tilt between Winnipeg and Montreal pulled in 686,000. Both easily topped the 545,000 viewers the Monday Night Football offering attracted to TSN.

Here are the most-watched shows from last weekend, according to BBM Canada overnight ratings.

  1. NHL, Oilers at Leafs, Saturday, CBC: 2,258,000
  2. NHL, Habs at Canucks, Saturday, CBC: 1,374,000
  3. CFL. Argos at Ticats, Monday, TSN: 956,000
  4. CFL, Eskimos at Riders, Saturday, TSN: 778,000
  5. NFL, 1 p.m. games, Sunday, CTV: 712,000
  6. CFL, Bombers at Alouettes, Monday, TSN: 686,000
  7. CFL, Lions at Stamps, Friday, TSN: 659,000
  8. NFL, Colts at Chargers, Monday, TSN: 545,000
  9. MLB, Tigers at Red Sox, Sunday, Sportsnet: 509,000 (Fox ratings not calculated)
  10. NFL, Redskins at Cowboys, Sunday, TSN: 455,000 (NBC ratings not calculated)[/b]

and if CFL games were broadcast on Networks CTV/CBC (as is the NHL) ratings would be higher still.

Well, higher is arguable...they are higher now than they ever were on CBC. If they'd been that high, CBC would have fought harder to keep it, and maybe done more to promote the game.

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a couple quick searches indicate that a regular season game with 500k viewers was a pretty amazing showing...the benchmark of a great audience now seams to be pushing double that.

Solid numbers though for sure.

The rating system dramticly changed 3 years ago... HNIC went from million to almost 2 million when they changed the system.

NO it wouldn't !!!
If you watch sports you subscribe to TSN it's only a few dollars a month, if you don't have TSN you are not a sports fan and you wouldn't watch football or hockey!!
The ratings are way up on TSN since they took over. The GC ratings are way up since going on to TSN

If you look at the Stanley Cup ratings from May/June you will see that the TSN ratings were not that far behind CBC, despite the fact that CBC had the "prime time" Saturday games and the CBC had priority of the Canadian teams. Which proves that if TSN had the "prime time" hockey games and followed the Canadian teams to the end their ratings would be equal to CBC

Once again Milkem… You are proving what an idiot you are… The network it is on makes a huuuuge diference… The NFL numbers have increased substancially since going from CTV from Global. At the same time the Blue Jays took a big hit when they took games away from TSN a few years ago… Sportsnet draws less then TSN for the same event but still more then The Score… I have no doubt in my mind that if HNIC went to CTV that it would draw higher numbers then on CBC.

Oh yes the name calling - the usual if you know you are losing an argument then of course call someone an idiot!!

If you read my post again you will see that I was responding to someone saying that IF CFL football was NOT on TSN but one of the "free" networks such as the CBC or CTV or Global then they would have higher ratings. I am saying if you are a sports fan you will subscribe to the Sports Network. Seems you have problems in understanding or with reading, I assume it's your lack of intelligence or education. That is why you strike back with a statement "you are an idiot" I feel kind of sorry for guys like you that have to name call to make a point. Why don't you just respond to my post and agree or disagree and tell us why.

If you look at the STanley Cup playoff ratings for back in June you will see that TSN did excellent for only showing Tuesday night games. The CBC had all the prime time games and TSN wasn't that far behind in ratings.

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first off mike, I never said anything about the CFL not being on TSN in my previous post.
re-read again please.

The inference I made is that if the CFL were also on CTV/CBC there would likely be higher ratings for CFL games, as many casual sports fans do not subscribe to cable packages but may watch games on basic Network channels.

Case in point, a couple friends of mine who refuse to pay for cable bundle fees have told me they would view CFL games if it were made available on CTV/CBC or other network.
They are admitted fans of the CFL, although with family obligations cannot afford the additional charges on their cable bill.

and there are still casual fans out there that would tune in if it were "free"

Chris always seems to forget the RDS numbers not only for the Als of some 200,000, most of the other games are shown as well.
On top of which like the 1pm slot, he is bundling all NFL games watched.

I assumed you meant ditching TSN as well...I see your point though for sure. It would be nice if they could work something out to air a few of the 'big' games such as thanksgiving on CBC...say 4 or 5 games a year...relays of TSN, not indipendant.

Those NFL ratings that Zelkovich listed were unusually high. The typical NFL broadcast draws lower ratings, like Sunday Night Football last week @ 327,000. The MNF rating on Monday benefited from the lead-in from the highly rated Argos vs Cats game, which spilled over to MNF. The CTV ratings quoted were the combined ratings from all the regional games across Canada including those watching the CBS/FOX cable channels.

Here is an excerpt from a Rogers' press release announcing the Bills in Toronto renewal:

"Bills in Toronto games will continue to air nationally on City and Sportsnet, with NFL games continuing to experience growth with Canadian audiences year-over-year. Audiences for the 2012 Bills in Toronto game (Bills vs. Seahawks, Dec. 16) on City and Sportsnet were up 6% over 2011 (404,000 viewers vs. 381,000) and 19% since the inaugural Bills in Toronto game in 2008 (404,000 vs. 340,000). Sportsnet’s average audience for the NFL Thursday night games this season was up 3% over last year (370,000 vs. 359,000), while City’s average audience of the Sunday late game this season was up 3% over last year (361,000 vs. 352,000)."

You would think the cfl will take notice to this! And try to create some type of rivalry game where fans can accept a certain matchup every thanksgiving! Amazing how the people running the cfl a few years ago never bothered to have a thanksgiving day game!

Do you ever do any research into anything before blurting out whatever comes into your head? The CFL has had Thanksgiving Day games forever. You can look it up -- the schedules are all online.

I suppose you will now blame Chris Rudge for messing up your Google settings?

What I was trying to say was that they never always had a double header of games and I thought that in the early 90s there when we had guys working like Chris rudge in the office of the cfl that they didn't have a game. I might have gotten it mixed up with the labour day game. Any how we should try to have the same teams playing on that same day and try to market it better and promote it a little better even having a triple header of games that day would be good.

Your comment makes even less sense now that you have attempted to clarify it. They "never always" had a doubleheader? Last time I looked, "never" was the opposite of "always." And you now think Chris Rudge was working in the CFL in the 1990s? What are you going to blame him for next -- the Fog Bowl?

of course CFL ratings would be higher on CBC or CTV, when you add an extra 5 Million homes, your going to get highe ratings. There are a lot of causual sports fans, that don"t have TSN, but would watch the CFL on free cable if offered. It is just common sense

Cfl never had double headers on thanksgiving day for many years in the past! As far as Chris rudge I was referring to him because we had a lot of people working for the cfl in the 90s that worked like him. Lazy,no effort,can't get anything organized on time, no passion, just there to pick up a pay cheque at the end of the week etc.. Those were all the traits that the people working for the cfl had before just like Chris rudge is working for the Argos these days.

Did Chris Rudge bang your wife or something?... Like geez, Even I don't carry on as much with my hate for Rogers and MLSE as you do for Chris Rudge

Yeah just think that Chris rudge is a walking disaster when it comes to the Argos! They need to get rid of this bum ASAP for the betterment of the Argos and cfl. Can't he just go get a job with Rogers or ml$e and screw there franchises up and leave the Argos alone!

How would you know what people working for the CFL in the 1990s were like? Surely you were not born until 2001 or so.