CFL A okay says Roger Goodell

The NFL commissioner today released his statement, and said he was excited about the Bills playing games and Canada, and he has strong ties to the CFL. He stated he had met with Mark Cohon many times, and the bills should have no effect on the CFL market. He also said the NFL and CFL depend on each other, wonder what he means by that?

...that the CFL is a close alternate to NFL players when they can't make the NFL league...thats' what I think he meant...

he also said the game would be after the CFL season suggesting December. man those Bills players must be happy.

But wspidel and berizen99 says we are doomed. Who should I believe??

idk, wspidel and berezin are reliable sources, i would go for them. i hear when Mark Cohon retires Wspidel is going to be the new commissioner of the CFL and Berezin will be his assistant.

DON"T BE Rude ignorants.that made up ignornat repsones because I SAY TO YOU NOW TAHT wspidel is the true voice sanity on this forum.AND NO you may not reply to me

lmao good one red.

Why would anyone want to spend $250/ticket to see a mediocre American footbal team? Misguided Ontarians I guess... :cowboy:

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…Ackles is going coffin shopping apparently…

Ackles has got a lot of street cred in football circles. And he’s not afraid of guys with money…

well let Ackles shop around, the NFL is not interested in expansion right now and won't be for atleast another decade. And even then, there are so many markets to choose other than Toronto. San Antonio, LA, and Columbus just to name a few.

...those markets have people, but do they have Mr. Moneybags Owner ready to buy the Bills?...

I am sure they do, man i really hope Rogers goes bankrupt, that would end all talk of nfl in Toronto.

Oh man, I really respect Bobby Ackles but man, get a grip. How can he say no minor football in Canada even if the CFL goes under which it won't. Take basketball where few Canadians make it, it is a very popular high school sport. And not many Canadians make MLB and yet lots of leagues for kids, same with soccer, tons of leagues.

Bobby, what are you smokin there man? Yikes. Are you related to berezin by chance? lol

NFL's foray into Canada will doom CFL: Ackles

"That's no CFL, no Grey Cup and, in the end, no minor football in Canada because kids will see they don't have a chance to play pro ball," Ackles said, reacting to the news which is expected to come out today at Goodell's Super Bowl press conference."


And no Grey Cup? WTF?

It's not really that big of a deal. The Argo's aren't a huge deal in Toronto but they have enough fans that they won't be hurt by a bad NFL team playing a game a year there, it may even get more people out to Argo games that previously spurned the CFL.

In fact outside of Ontario very few actually care that the Bills are playing a regular season game in Toronto, it will only affect a small chunk of football fans and better yet this all happens after the Grey Cup.

It seems when there's not enough things to complain about we just find things and blow them out of proportion and then complain to our hearts content.

I'm not even sure why they'd want to expand. How many franchises are stuck in the basement right now? They add more teams and it's just going to water down their product even more.

Well said Dust.

You can bet Canadian national corporations
will be chomping at the bit to sponsor the Bills.

IMO, if this 8 game pilot project works
and the Bills play even more games here,

you will hear a "giant s.u.c.k.i.n.g sound"
of sponsorship money flowing out of the CFL,

that's when the CFL coffin should be ordered.

If they are successful in getting 40-50,000 people
to pay $250 a ticket up front at the Roger's Centre
for this 8 game pilot project you can bet they will be
chomping at the bit to have lots more games in Toronto.

What a wad of money!

It sure is a win/win situation for the Bills.


Some of the fans at these pilot project games
will likely not be buying CFL season tickets.


It seems to me that they are s.u.c.k.i.n.g
lots more money even from their own fans,
who pay an average $57 a ticket at home.

They spin the idea that the 5 league games
in December won't impinge on the CFL season.

They don't mention the 3 pre-season games
that will be played in the month of August.

I don't understand. Why would sponsors suddenly leave the CFL so they could sponsor a whopping 8 NFL games? :expressionless: