CFL a develpmental league or ????

On occasion I'll read a post on a board saying the CFL is a developmental league to the NFL, but hundreds of players with some NFL experience have found success in the CFL, so would that make the NFL a developmental league for the CFL?


this argument is so retarded, it's not even funny!

No NFL doesn'f fund our league, and if we were a true developmental league then we would be playing NFL rules.

KHL isn't a developmental league for NHL and I believe they play international hockey rules not NHL

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You guys missed Mark7's point. Read it again please.

By turning the tables I think you make a strong case Mark 8)

Thanks Rpaege, glad someone got it


I wonder how many players in the CFL have dreamed only of the CFL and never that "next step". That does not make the CFL a developmental league to the NFL, but I do believe that almost every player has that "feeder league" mentality (not to mention a large chunk of the fan base). The CFL simply cannot generate the kind of wealth and exposure that the NFL can for a player.

There are many players who grew up dreaming of playing in the CFL, and not the Jason Clermont, for instance. He had several offers to tryout for NFL teams, but always declined. He said when growing up he dreamed of playing in the CFL and he was very proud to be playing in this league.

Yes, the NFL is more of a developmental league for the CFL, but skills they learn in the NFL seem of little benefit in the CFL. You only have to look at all the veteran-NFL QB's who have failed miserably in the CFL...after being on NFL rosters for many years, (M. Quinn, M. McMahon, A. Smith, ect, ect.) CFL teams usually have better luck grooming college grads rather than NFL castoffs.

The biggest difference is the MONEY. Making an NFL team as a back up, you get 250 000 u.s. If you stick for a couple more years, you will get around 500 or 600 grand plus the pension. If you become full time starter, you will be making Millions.
You can’t fault a guy for trying, especially if he has a family . You carve out a 6 year nfl career and are smart with your money , you shouldn’t have to work again and be retired in your early 30’s,or come back to the CFL .
If your a starting CFL QB , you make 500 grand tops, starting NFL QB,S probably average is 5 million. Ray, Burris and Dickenson all tried the NFL.Dickenson the only one to stick and he held a clip board for a few years. As for Clermont, he was offered a try out,nothing more. He realized he would be a long shot at best, if they guarenteed him a roster spot, he would have been gone to the NFL.

Just looked last years NFL min was up to 300 grand u.s.

Looks like the nfl throws alot of good money away! LMAO

the biggest problem, and a lot of CFLers who have tried the NFL only to come back have said that it's a very political league!

just because you are talented and can play, does not guarantee you a job up there!

if you're the right fit! and you happen to be on the right team at the right time, you can play! but for many, you're there just as camp fodder and you really have 0 chance to get there!

it's a political satire and for many they're fed up.

Burris was one who said he won't go back, called it a political schmooze.

many others feel the same way but unfortunately had to find out the hard way!

Is it politcal or do guys who do not make the NFL just say that because they were not good enough. Seems though, that a lot of players say it is politcal. Who knows, though the NFL gets to sign all the top guys through the draft and free agency.