CFL & 8 teams, something from the history books

Thought the following passage might interest some, in light of the CFL moving back to 8 teams this year:

"The 1953 meeting of the Western Interprovincial Football Union faced yet another group of Vancouver enthusiasts who sought a franchise for the coast. It was not a popular application: since there were four teams in the east and four in the west, the complication of an additional club was not welcome. The union therefore imposed what must at the time have seemed prohibitive conditions. The Vancouver group were told the franchise would be awarded only on condition they built a 15,000 seat stadium and sold 6,500 season tickets. In the event, it was easy. Vancouver was host to the 1954 summer British Empire Games: the Empire Stadium was made the home of the B.C. Lions Football Club. The season ticket sales were no problem, and the new club hired Annis Stukus as coach."

If Mr. Currie is accurate with his writing in 1968, I do find it interesting that the league then wasn't keen on exanding to a 9 team league because of scheduling difficulties. No mention that this would not be as important as taking the league coast to coast.

Source: Gordon Currie. 100 Years of Canadian Football. Toronto: Pagurian Press Ltd., 1968.

expansion back then in all pro leagues wasn't seen as a very marketable thing as it is today (NHL didn't add any new teams untill 1967, MLB didn't expand untill the 1960's (I think).

intreresting is that the Lions are here today becase of the Commonweath games, times haven't chaged much have they in that sense eh? :wink:

At least the teams right now are stronger then before imho.

annis stukus............that would hurt.......:slight_smile: