CFL 7 - Eleven Cups

I've been reading on social media over the past week that select 7-11s have collectable CFL cup available in the home markets. Many have not had any luck with them. Below is the Argo one. The location by my place (Ajax) doesn't have them....they have Leafs and Jays which are still nice


Apparently by July 4 there will be more stock. Anyone has any luck finding these? I want.....


The CFL should've went with the Canadian convenience store, Circle K. There are lots of stores in my area. There was a 7-11, but it fold and went as an indepentant store.

7-11 is based out of Texas, a huge football market. Maybe they sponsor the CFL because of football

Nice move by 7 -Eleven. I am curious if they are selling CFL player cards and now with the obvious sponsorship deal might be a good time to ask. Reason I ask is because revenue from player cards is shared with the players assoc. where not all other revenue is. And the cards are cool.

If the CFLPA wants a greater share of revenue. they are better off going with Tim Horton's with the success of the Upper Deck NHL Hockey cards. It shouldn't be hard since the Ti-Cats have TH as a signage sponsor for their stadium

Like I posted earlier. I don't patronize 7-11. I go to the Circle K for my last minute items

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Odd, 7-eleven doesn't even seem to be a thing in Ottawa.

Google Maps shows one in Cornwall and the next closest one (aside from in the US) is Oshawa!

The Circle K headquarters are in the Atlantic region in either Halifax or St John

Funny but a quick search shows 25 7-11 locations in Winnipeg, 17 Tim Horton’s and 13 Circle K locations. I guess it depends on what part of the country you live in.

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In Ottawa, Quickie Mart seems to be the most common convenience store. They seem to carry Redblacks hats and maybe a few other novelties.

"Quickie Marts"???? Is that from The Simpsons" universe where the long departed Apu use to work for? LOL!

I know Circle K bought out the Mac's Milks stores in Ontario

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Yes! I got a good laugh out of that name when I first moved to Ottawa.

We do have Circle K here as well. I think I usually see them as part of a gas station, but I don't remember which one.

:sunglasses: Circle K are a part of Esso gas stations !!


Winnipeg is the Slurpee capital of the world: How Winnipeg Became the Slurpee Capital of the World | Mental Floss

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I had forgotten about the slurpee capital title which Winnipeg apparently wins year after year.

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