CFL 48 Years Old?

According to the Sports Illustrated June 5 issue, it said that the CFL is 48 years old, please tell me they are wrong.

IIRC the CFL amalgamated 48 years ago... but the teams/game has been around much longer.

It could be Sack Attack, it depends. Here is an interesting little read about the Grey Cup (I was querying the last amateur team (Sarnia Imperials) that won the Cup (WWII excluded)) and how what we think of the CFL has mutated through the years. Copy and paste.

It does state that the CFL was only formed in 1958 but conversley the Grey Cup has been awarded since 1909 with a few exceptions such as WWI and twice in 1940 which will involve another search as to why :>))

No, it's right. The entity now known as the CFL came into being officially in January 1959. Prior to that, all the various competing rugby unions were under the control of the Canadian Rubgy Union.

The Grey Cup has been in place since 1909.

The game started in 1860s.

All the East Division clubs were formed by 1876.

But when did "Canadian football" really begin? That's the fun part --- and not agreed upon.

hmm interesting