CFL 2K12 football game?

Hey guys seems that there is a bit of a rumour going around the internet about 2K sports making a CFL version of there video game football title. Just wondering if anyone in this forum maybe can shed more light on the topic.

I was thinking about this a while ago and I thought that it isn't too likely that EA will make a CFL game because they have exclusive rights to the NFL (and as we all know make Madden).

But 2K is a company that I could see develop a game. They have still tried to tap into the football video game market in the past few years with games like All-Pro 2K8 that used retired NFL players on fictional teams. So perhaps they see an opportunity here. I hope they do, cause it would be sick.

I think the only way this would work is if it was some kinda Sim City type game where you have to build a successful team with little or no Money and a fair weather Fan base.

I'm a huge fan of 2K Sports, ever since they were SEGA Sports the NFL series of games were way ahead of Madden in my opinion. Same reason the Hockey games from 2K were the highest rated for the years of 2003-2007, not to mention they have the best NBA game by far. The only series they dropped the ball on was SEGA's old World Series Baseball which was king for a long time as well but started to lose it once it hit Sega Dreamcast for some reason. MLB is supposed to be a good game but if you have a PS3 the Show by 989 is apparantly an ubelievable game just in itself.

Would love to see a sort of Maximum Football type game or just a straight up CFL game from 2K!

Perhaps, looks as though word got leaked prematurely.

If this turns out to be true consider me one happy Mofo!!

oilerrocker's idea would sell.

I've always wanted 2K sports to make a CFL game just for the fact that NFL 2k5 has been better than any Madden game since then. I wasn't too happy when EA bought out the NFL license and of course EA continues to deliver a mediocre product every year since they have no competition. Reading posts from that link, it looks like some of those americans will buy a CFL game just for the fact that it will be made by 2K sports. That's a good thing and a good way to get some CFL exposure south of the border. Lets hope this is true.

Great post from an american

APF didn't fail because of terrible marketing. It failed because it was an incomplete product coupled with horrible graphics, horrible presentation, and horrible lack of modes. You can't survive in the football market with that stat-sheet even if you have great gameplay.

Overall, 2k did a horrible job creating a customizable "fantasy" game. At least the CFL would offer some form of reality so they could focus their creative energies on creating a well-rounded game. Yes, the CFL is third-rate compared to the NFL, but if it was presented in a way that made Madden look like a joke (with superb graphics and presentation), it could easily sell.

Hell, I didn't watch the Premier league UNTIL I played Fifa 06. Sometimes great games get you interested in the actual real-life equivalent - even if you thought you would never ever like it (I thought soccer was extremely boring before 2000). And we all know 2k is competent in creating a vastly superior football product. They just the time to do it (not less than 1 year like last time) and a more focused creative direction (not the embarrassing looking custom stadiums and uniforms found in APF and Backbreaker).