CFL 2023 season

omg we are exactly 3 weeks away from first pre-season games. training camps are starting in two weeks. i know some of you don’t care about pre-season but i like it. i like knowing who the new players are and what the depth options are at each position. can’t wait for game threads. my beer isn’t the same without football lol.

the full schedule is posted in the CFL Schedule Calendar and i will link entries to game info as the season goes on.

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I don’t mind the pre-season it’s good to see the odd hidden gem come out of it.
I would prefer to have two extra games instead of a pre-season.


It’s too bad TSN isn’t broadcasting all of them.


3down nation reported that only 44k watched the 2 rounds of the draft due to the leafs game. Sure hope this early start to the cfl season doesnt get buried with edm and toronto in the playoffs. Even though they both lost the first game they are favoured to move on to the next round.
Watched sportsdesk late after the draft was done. The first 20 min was leafs. Then the dallas game. After that the nba playoffs. The second half of the hour started with the leafs again. The cfl draft made an appearance at the 44min mark and had 2 quick stories and done by the 45 minute mark.
I know they did a lot to lead up to the draft but it seems to be tossed aside pretty quick.

yea sportsnet is basically toronto sports and they don’t care about the cfl.

This was TSN sportsdesk.
If it was sportsnet, i would have been thrilled to see a whole minute coverage of the cfl.


oh that’s even worse. TSN is a supposed partner. :roll_eyes:

TSN is bad for the league. They should tender it each year as TSN puts the CFL at the bottom of it scheduling.

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Tender it? no one else has the capability.
Sportsnet only has facilities in Toronto to broadcast the Jays and Raptors, when they broadcast Jays and Raptors away games they get the other teams feed but use their own announcers.
They have contracted out their NHL broadcasts so they can use the CBC facilities.
Global wouldn’t have the capability. CBC is getting out of the live sports.
Sports in Canada is now almost entirely on the two sports networks.

If you watch the Jays, Raps, the CFL or the NHL you need to subscribe to TSN or Sportsnet.
You can also stream both of them and that’s the future

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Do you really think introducing logical analysis will change the anti-TSN rants?

No not at all.
I think TSN does a great job and when I watch the CFL in the US on ESPN2 or ESPN+ it’s the TSN feed and it’s professional.
I may get tired of the non-stop yapping of Glen Suitor but I just mute it when he’s on

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I was referring to sniferdog’s post, not yours.

2023 Week 1 TV ratings:

B.C. at Calgary — 226,900

Hamilton at Winnipeg — 511,500

Ottawa at Montreal — 278,500 English and 174,000 French

Saskatchewan at Edmonton — 535,300

Total Week 1 average: 388,050 (French included: 431,550)

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The only surprise is the BC at Calgary 226k ? I know it’s a Thursday night game but it’s two west teams.
Friday night game big audience for the Bombers at 511k
Ottawa/Montreal at 452k not bad but take away the French audience and only 278k in Canada.
No surprise the biggest audience is always the Riders at 535k

Friday will no doubt be the biggest TV audience with the two most watched teams - Bombers/Riders
And the Thursday night game Ottawa/Stamps will have the lowest TV rating

The ratings are terrible for week 1. I’m thinking most of the BC-Calgary issues stem from the fact that casual fans had no idea the season started.

Up against stanley cup and blue jays who arent horrible plus the fall of the stamps attendance and support that continues since the flames took over.
No surprise.
Ottawa never seems to draw ratings.

The cfl will have to watch thursdays, before attendance was bad but ratings were ok, week 1 down on both counts.

Hopefully week 2 without stanley cup works better.

Either way the people that didn’t watch or go to the games missed out. I thought all the games were good.

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Why have all the teams wiped out each player’s stats and history on the CFL web site.? That info was valuable for us fans. Please put it back

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i think it’s all rolled up into the leaguewide stats now.

i have sent a message to the CFL asking about the player stats link that goes to the game stats.

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I hope they listen to you. I’m sorry to say that while this new setup may prove a plus in the future, the rollout has been totally incompetent.


Actually not what I was talking about

The site in question is the CFL web site - Official site of the Canadian Football League

We used to be able to go to a team site, (i.e. BC, Calgary, Edmonton , Winnipeg etc )then the team roster and click on a player’s name

A different Page would come up about that player. Everything about the player since coming to the CFL and his historical football career was displayed.

His college accomplishments, his yearly info including all his stats, on every team he played for and the number of years in the CFL

Now there is nothing about any player on any team all the info about him has been removed