CFL 2023 Schedule Calendar

i setup the calendar plug-in with the upcoming 2023 CFL schedule here:

it exists in it’s own subcategory under CFL talks and is up to date for the whole season, including preseason and playoffs. you can click/tap game events in the calendar to go to the post entry for that game. i will update the entries with links /info for each game. i’ve put some example links in the first entry so you get an idea. you can leave comments here in this topic. thanks!


  • regular users cannot update or make entries into the calendar.
  • the week format starts at monday and this is unfortunately not changeable.
  • there is a minor bug in that the list view shows events as all day even with time parameters.
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i’ve fixed the list view so now if you click the List view button in the top right corner of the calendar it will show a scrollable detailed full season game schedule including the playoffs.