CFL 2021 Draft today

Is anyone looking forward to this year's draft? :slightly_smiling_face:

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Je l'aurais fait mais RDS a décidé de ne pas diffuser les deux premières rondes contrairement à leur habitude (alors qu'ils ont diffusé la première ronde du repêchage de la NFL sur la première chaîne).

Le problème de Maciocia est que les Québécois intéressants ont été repêchés voire signés par des équipes de la NFL. Il n'y aurait aucun intérêt à aller de ce côté à moins d'espérer des coupures comme dans le cas de Mathieu Betts. De plus, comme il faudra attendre la 10e ronde avant de pouvoir effectuer un premier choix, nos options seront plus limités.

Je pense que nous devrions repĂŞcher en premier un joueur de la tertiaire, qui est Ă  mon avis la ligne la plus faible de l'Ă©quipe.

Edit: finalement les deux premières rondes seront diffusées sur à 19h. Je ne pourrai pas le regarder en direct mais je le ferai probablement en différé plus tard dans la soirée.

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Not particularly.

I rarely ever pay attention to the draft, as I don't follow college ball at all and therefore know next to nothing about the players being selected.

I'll read up on it tomorrow to see who we selected out of curiosity, but that's about it.

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Hard to get excited with so many players either going back to school or signing with NFL teams, plus we only choose at 10. But curious fan that I am, I will likely give up Erin Burnett to watch.

I would expect Maciocia to pick OL Pier-Olivier Lestage if still available, despite his signing with the Seahawks.

The Als chose 3 OL out of 5 picks. You can never have too many good OL.

2nd Round: Pier-Olivier Lestage, OL, Montreal (10th)
3rd Round: Chris Fournier, OL, Lehigh (27th)
4th Round: Patrick Davis, OL, Syracuse (28th)
5th Round: David Cote, K, Laval (45th)
6th Round: Ethan Makonzo, LB, Montreal (46th)

The Lestage selection was kind of obvious but a good decision. Hard to see him sticking with the Seahawks even though Russell Wilson recently threw their o-line under the bus.

I see they drafted 1 o-lineman & signed 3 other free agent o-linemen besides Lestage.

Two more new players:

Of the 5 draft picks and 2 non-counters, all are from Quebec with the exception of Chris Fournier.

While I certainly understand the importance of local Quebec players, I hope they are not scouting with tunnel vision, to the exclusion of players from the rest of the country.


Here's Maciocia's side of the equation:

Je ne suis pas nécessairement surpris du premier choix de Maciocia dans le sens où il est dans la continuité du repêchage de 2020, mais j'aurais quand même préféré qu'il sélectionne un demi-défensif.

Not sure if Maciocia's strategy will work but at least he's staying true to what he said he would do. Which is a lot better than his predecessor doing exactly the opposite of what he preached.

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Lestage is a stud ! Best Oline in Quebec since LDT in my eyes. Really happy to grab him.
David Coté could become our kicker, he was really good with Laval
I don't know the others

From the Seahawks beat reporter in today's The Athletic:

Pier-Olivier Lestage, IOL, Montreal

Lestage is listed at 6-3, 312 pounds, and is in the mix as an offensive guard after three seasons playing all over the offensive line for the Montreal Carabins.

Carroll said Lestage will also be an “emergency center” and that may be his best bet at making the team. The competition at guard isn’t stellar behind Damien Lewis and Gabe Jackson, but it’ll be tougher to beat out Jamarco Jones, Jordan Simmons or Phil Haynes than it will be to unseat Kyle Fuller or Brad Lundblade. Lestage appears to project as a mauler in the run game who would need to improve as a pass protector to be considered for a roster spot. But Seattle could keep him around this season perhaps as a practice squad player, with the thought he could eventually battle to be a long-term answer at center. It’s a longshot either way but the center position is probably the second-best path to the roster for an undrafted player because of Seattle’s lack of talent at the spot (I’d argue wide receiver is the best path).

Don't expect to see Lestage soon Als; maybe a good futures gamble pick though.

Sam Thomassin (Laval) is a young guy with great potential at guard IMO; should be very solid competition on the O-Line with vets Foucault and ex-Als starter Phil Gagnon added to the mix; and maybe one of the other recent draft picks can step-up soon (Fournier going back for another US college ball season?)

Als are very well stocked at the NI offensive line position: LeStage and O'Donnell are just that luxury futures.

Lestage has had sports hernia surgery after their mini-camp, but is still highly regarded by the Seahawks.

Look for an injury settlement come out of this. He could be with the Als despite highly regarded they think of him