CFL 2021 Combine and draft

Could the CFL use the Combine and the draft to stir up some interest this spring. It has been shown that governments are open to the bubble concept for having team sports. Could the CFL create a bubble in a city that has a convention centre that could house both a competition and the draft itself if they were held together. They could have all of the invitees come and quarantine, hold the combine over the week and hold the draft (get it and the combine highly promoted, sponsored and then televised) on the Sunday evening of the week. I know I would even pay something to watch. As these players are in University and can't give up 3 weeks of school time, hold the combine and draft as close to training camp as possible but after University is done at the end of April.

Good Idea. I heard that the NFL Combine is going viral. I don't see how that could be done. I could be wrong. I might've confused it with the actual Draft