CFL 2021 Christmas "To Do" List

  1. Purchase 2021 Seasons Tickets

  2. Buy CFL Team Cloth Face Masks

  3. Join the Grey Cup Fan Base

  4. Subscribe to TSN


Curious to know the price of the Grey Cup Fan Base.

Hi there, here is a link with details of the Grey Cup Fan Base. It says a fan can pay $399 to get their name on the Grey Cup. I assume that is what you asked. I have no idea how much it actually costs to make the base on which names will be etched. Sorry, I guess you have to ask someone at the league? I'm just a fan happy about football next year.

Seems pretty steep for one person.

Was hoping for myself and my twin boys name on it.

Don’t think you can do that, but I believe there is a contact number or maybe link that you can ask questions. Also, was there not a deadline for submissions? Might be coming up.

Edit: I think there is tax on the $399 as well

It says the following on this link at bottom just before the large image of the Grey Cup about price:

CFL season ticket members get the first chance to enshrine their names, or those of a beloved fellow fan they choose to honour, in Grey Cup history starting today for a fee of $349. Their exclusive window continues until August 30th at 11:59 p.m. ET . After that date, other fans can take advantage of the same opportunity for $399.

If that is still too steep, spend $90 plus tax and get you and your two boys 3 cloth face masks each (from whatever team you like at the CFL Online Store) as you might need them for school and work next year due to COVID-19. Heck, you could even buy 3 more packages and give them as Christmas gifts to others you know and still be well under the Grey Cup Fan Base cost, if that is what you are still thinking. That's what I would do. I've already bought my Argo ones. Hope this helps.

Yes, I believe you are correct, based on the site link that I just shared above.


Something for me to think about.

For 349.00 plus tax it think a better buy 2 additional lead in priced season tickets (Argos 2nd lowest are 182.00 pp) and donate them.

It's new revenue for the team/league and can help make a few new fans along the I think..... just need this pandemic thing to be in control so fans are allowed back in.

Good luck.

Sounds like a plan. I hope you are right about COVID-19.

If fans are not sold on the Grey Cup Fan Base (which I think is cool but pricey), another option is buying STs to donate to charity. Consider Kids Up Front. You could spend less but still help the league and maybe attract new young fans.

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That's a heck of an idea for a Christmas gift rather than the Grey Cup fan Base if you want to go that route. I was also thinking that cloth masks would be functional for school and work etc. on daily basis too given wee are headed for another lockdown, but, I like the seasons tickets idea too.

Are they going to make mask with the new(ish) logo?

I'll snap those up in the heartbeat....

I didn't really like any of the designs on the masks the league produced. I bought another one instead that has double blue stripes.

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You mean like a "Labour Day Classic" one with Argo and Ti-Cat logos?

Hmm. Sure. I still like even the older logo one better, but, any mask is still good for these times.

I'm referring to the boat logo launched last week. The current ones are based on the shield logo, I'm not as keen on that look. Would get the boat logo mask quickly if they made them

Maybe next year we can all hope.

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It seems like a full plan. The main thing is that the covid doesn't do dirty tricks