CFL 2020?

First a look back.
Well it's been 10 years since the 1999 season.
In the last ten years...Very little on the surface has changed... We still have the exact same 8 teams...All those teams still play in the exact same crappy stadiums that they did 10 years ago.
Much like the 90s, expansion was a flop(not to the same scale mindya)
Now if you dig down abit there has been some changes in the last ten seasons.
One is that TV revenues have increased dramiticly, another is that corporate revenues have increased dramaticly.This is no better illustrated then in Western Canada where all teams are now profitable.
In Eastern Canada... things have pretty much remained status quo... Ottawa is in limbo... The Cats and Argos lose money hand over fist and the Als despite having a great team cannot generate enough revenue because of a small stadium.
The 5000 new seats next season may help with that but it will take several years for the Als to recouver the 6 million dollars that they themselves invested in those seats.
Now for my pet project... The living conditions of players.
What players recieved in 1999 for compensation was probably more then what they recieved in 2009 when adjusted to inflation...
It would be hard to tell since teams lied about side deals back then and probably still do... However what has changed even more dramiticly is the length of a players career... Back in 1999 a player knew his career could be over at a moments notice,however atleast he knew if he was an allstar that he had some job security because teams would use the best available players.. Fast Forward to 2009 and players truely do not know if they are coming or going, thanx to the SMS...we no longer have the best available players playing in the CFL...but we have the best available players who work for cheap.
Now for the look forward to 2020.In the past ten years the CFL has had every missle thrown at it possible.. Everything from the AFL, to the XFL, to the Bills in Toronto, to Stephen Brunt. The CFL just chugs along and I believe the enemy is finally out of ammo.
Thus the next ten years will be very good as long as the Toronto media finally gives up their war, and calls atleast a cease fire, if not actually switching battle frounts.
Many teams will get stadium upgrades or new stadiums all together(lets all just cross our fingers that people don't mind going out to the Uof M to watch Bomber games..this has Ottawa Senators written all over it)
The Argos may even have their very own stadium fall into their that the MLS is losing it's TV contract in the USA.
As for expansion... well even I will not touch that one with a ten foot pole... Oh and what about a video game :cowboy:
Anyways the only scenario that I could see that will derail the CFL from being a vastly improved league by 2020 is if the league continues to screw it's players and they finally have enough and take labour action..
To me, this is the biggest issue facing the CFL this decade...
If everything goes smoothly... the CFL team salary cap should be roughly double in 2020 compared to what it is now.

You do know that Als tickets cost 2 to 3 times what other teams do?

Sellling out McGill is equal to selling out a 40 thousand to 60 thousand seat stadium.
The Als are generating plenty of revenue!

On the face of things the CFL might look similar to 1999, but the league is light years ahead in the terms of being a viable sports league. Tens years from now the league will look much different with new stadiums being planned or built across Canada.

On the financial front, the CFL is steadily improving. One team (Riders) had revenues increasing every year, now approaching $30 million a season. That same team had revenues of $11 million only five years ago and are planning to build a domed stadium or substantially upgrading Mosaic.

Ten years ago in Wpg, they were $5 million in debt. Now they have a built up a $5 million surplus in their bank account. A new owner is in the wings with funding in place for a new 30,000 seat stadium.

Calgary's season ticket sales were at record levels last year and they have solid management and owners. Edm is building a multi-million dollar Field House which will rival most NFL facilties. Montreal's stadium expansion will be ready for next season and will further solidify the Als in football rapid Que. Toronto has great owners who have done a terrific job in promoting the Argos, CFL and their anti-violence program in S. Ontario.

Hamilton's fortunes have taken a big upswing with the funding announcement for a new waterfront stadium, scheduled to be finished by 2012. The Cats have seen a resurgence in fan support and nearly soldout their semi-final playoff game in Nov.

The Lions have made tremendous strides raising their profile in Vancouver since David Braley bought the team 8 years ago. A $450 million upgrade of BC Place is underway featuring a retractable dome.

An expansion team in Ottawa has been approved by the league and city. Stadium design plans are in the final stages, with completion scheduled for 2012.

A series of regular season games are scheduled for Moncton's new stadium, which should help open up the Atlantic Canada market to the CFL.

Despite a worldwide economic recession which saw attendance drop off in the NFL and other leagues, CFL fan support has remained solid, nearly matching the near-record levels set in recent years.

Regular season TV ratings were at record levels this season and all-time playoff and Grey Cup ratings records were smashed.

Truly, these are heady days for the CFL. All the western-based teams are turning a profit and all teams are on solid financial footing with good owners (yes, even Toronto). The league's new commissioner has done a great job and minimized the bad press which seem to dominate CFL media reports ten years ago.

If that is true then why is Wetenhaul putting in 5000 more seats risking his ability to charge high prices?
The Als actually advertized season tickets last year for the first time(since moving to Molson) because their waiting list is now down to zero.
I believe the only thing that will secure the long term future of th Als is a team in Quebec City.
The fact the team had some very very slight diferculties selling out the 2009 season, makes you wonder what would happen if the Als ever went on a Tigercats or Roughriders streak of missing the playoffs for several years in a row.

There's no question the CFL takes a back seat to the NHL in every city that has both a CFL team and an NHL team and probably in any city in Canada regardless. But the same is with any sport in Canada, heck both the Grizzlies and Expos couldn't make do in Canada, for different reasons of course. So no one is saying the CFL will ever compete with the NHL for superiority in pro sports in Canada, it's not going to happen. (for me, I'll take a regular season game to an NHL playoff game to go to but then I love the CFL much more than the NHL, but that's just me).

So, is the current CFL model going to work in the long run? Yes, I believe so but there could be changes along the way with some cities going and some coming that much I will say, and some more successful than others. But say if the Als ever do get in trouble, what else has the city got to offer for a sporting outing to go to see a high level of performer in sports? The Expos are gonzo and while the MLS is surely to go there, that's a much different fanbase I believe than football.

The key in the CFL is to keep salaries lower as they are, it IS working now with the model but if the salary structure gets too big, the CFL will fold in a jiffy, no question unless there is a huge TV contract and that will not happen as a Canadian only league. Which is fine, as long as the CFLPA understands this. If the CFLPA gets greedy, say with a bigger TSN or whatever contract next time, the CFL is in huge trouble. This is one reason why I don't want the next TV deal to be that much better than now to be honest.

Do you have a link to show that show that the waiting list is down do zero or are you sill making up things as you go along?
The Als always advertise season tickets......Every year, waiting list or not.....And even if the list is down to zero, how does that back up your claim about low revenues?
If what is true?
The fact that Mtl charges 2-3 times what other teams do? Or the fact that they are making money?
Either way.....Do the math!

I think that the league is at a watershed. There is so much to be hopeful about the future, but the league has to tread carefully. I agree that the biggest issue looming over the CFL is the potential for labour unrest, but the CFLPA knows that a walkout will help no one. I have always contended that the league needs to expand (perhaps by as much as 3 teams,if possible), but not before clearing up issues in Toronto. A stable ownership group must be in place in TO, or much of the good things the CFL has accomplished over the last decade will count for naught. The league needs to market the game more effectively, provide more support for junior and senior football, and develop ways of bring players into the system in more effective ways (including potential players from the US). All of these things require moneys that the CFL does not yet generate, so I don't know where it'll end up. When change comes to the CFL, it usually comes slowly (except the US expansion fiasco). I doubt that the next decade will be much different than the previous one, but I hope for the sake of the league that it is not. They have to grow the game or risk watching it wither.

How much are Als' tickets?

MLS is not going anywhere. ESPN is contracted to broadcast MLS games to at least 2014. The league is going to 16 teams, with the addition of Philadelphia Union. Next year, in 2011, Vancouver and Portland will be added as the 17th and 18th teams, respectively. I don't know where the idea of MLS losing it's contract got started. Besides, the Argos owners have said that BMO Field cannot host CFL Games.

The best seats are $1275 The cheapest are $199
Then there are the new loges that will run you $60,000

there are very few tickets at $1275... Quite frankly if you exclude those tickets their price structure is very similar to the BC Lions.
Mindya... The BC Lions give out 2 free tickets to the preseason game and two 2 for 1 vouchers with each season ticket purchase, so you are already talking around 80 000 free tickets...or about 2 million dollars worth of revenue

You will come up with anything rather that admit you are wrong!
Lets exclude the most expensive tickets! That way, the tickets dont look as expensive! :roll:
Bottom line
Als 1275
BC 650
Edminton 490

Want to exclude the most expensive ones?
MTL 1115
BC 650
Edm 490

Want to exclude those as well? OK!
Mtl 815
BC 650
Edm 490

Even taking the top 2 away from Montreal....Tics are stll 25% higher than BC and 40% higher than Edmonton. And they have sold out 94 consecutive games.....and have a waiting list for tickets!

490$ in Edmonton puts you at the 55 yard line
405$ in Montreal puts you at the goal line!

The 1100 and 1200 dollar seats barely show up on the seating chart... The few tickets that do sell for over 100 bucks a pop is negated by the fact that BC Place has many more skyboxes then Molson stadium...I would not doubt that the Lions infact draw more top end revenue then the Als.
Basicly your third example is correct.... Thus the Als tickets are about 25% more expensive then the Lions tickets...
Last time I checked...25% is not 2 to three times like you infer...
The Als probablly bring more revenue in at the gate then any other team other then maybe Saskatchewan because of a little CFL secret ....Most teams give away tens of thousands of tickets every year...
Still to say ,they bring 2 to three times as much revenue as any other team is putting yourself out on a limb...
If you said they brought in 3 times as much revenues as the Toronto Argonauts, because many of the fans that attend Argo games are attending for free... Then that would palateable

Just a question of curiosity....
If the Als still have a waiting list.... Why do they still advertize season tickets for sale?
The Canucks advertize there waiting list once in a blue moon... but never advertize tickets except during last season's playoffs when thousands of people balked at getting ripped off.

Yes and once 2014 rolls around the MLS will be out of a tv contract.
Here’s the first step … rsday.html and things aren’t getting any better…Don’t forget… the 250 million dollar man played in this game … s-cup.html
By the way Portland will be playing out of a baseball stadium… They will be about as successful as Kansas City

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First of all.....I infered!
second of all
Its 25% more after I remove the 2 highest prices....Which I did to humour you!
1275 divided by 490 is 2.6
The highest Mtl Prices are 2.6 times that of Edmontons hightest price

Skate all you want. you dont know what you are talking about

And I am still waiting for a link to show that the is no more waiting list for als tickets.....I wont hold my breath!

and a fish will be caught!!
and wars will be fought
and Quintuin Tarenteno will still werite movies with a twist in the plot!!
Anyways... Where do you see the CFL in 10 years from now...
I think the best case scenario would be a 11 team league with new teams in Ottawa,Maritimes and Quebec City...
The league would be recieving about 33 million in TV revenue (3 million per team)With an average player salary of $150K with the league minimum being half of that and the practice roster stipend being half of that.
There is still huge growth potencial for corporate sponsorships for the CFL because corporations do not pay full value because of the CFL's historic instability along with media perceptions that the league is bush .
If the media(yes you Toronto) ever treats the league with the respect that it deserves.... then the corporate dollars will esculate exponetalally.
I honestly believe that the CFL could support payrolls of 7-8 million as long as the coaches and management salaries were kept in check and a nice round number like 10 million was the cap for all football related payrolls.
I believe that once the reccession is over that corporations will be looking for value for their dollar and that the CFL is the best value for it's dollar of any sports league in the entire world
Millions of people got inidated with Wendy's and Rona ads for a fraction of what that kind of exposure would otherwise cost.
The Grey Cup will have it's naming rights sold for a fair wack of cash as well and by the end of this decade I predict that half of all CFL revenues will come directly from sponsorship and Television revenues.
Furthermore the new CFL stadiums will cater more to corporate clients in the form of skyboxes while limiting the number of seats(Ottawa is only planning to have 23000 seats) thus teams will recieve maximum revenues from each fan.
Toronto will be playing in a refurbished BMO with 30000 seats by 2015 at the latest.. Not that TFC is a badly run organization but either were the Memphis Southmen.
I think the future of the CFL is dependent on using these new record TV numbers to leverage against corporations who are hungry to spend money after coming out of the lengthy ressesion...
The CFL's future is also contigent on getting new stadia in exsisting as well as future markets(we are already 33% of the way there!!!)
And finally the CFL future is contingent on the professionalization of it's atheletes... If even the lowest paid athelete in the league can make a salary that the average Canadian would be envious of, then I believe alot of the negative media from the haters would diasapear.

The two highest price points are only a few hundred tickets combined!!!..
The Arena Football League even pulled this stunt by charging comparable prices for the first row and then dropping the price by 300% for the people sitting in the second row.
You stated that the Als charged 2 to 3 times as much as any other team in the league…
I stated that their prices were more in line with what the Lions charged if you excluded the very few super premium seats…
A visit to both of there websites would show what I stated was closer to the truth…
That being stated… I do not argue that the Als have the highest priced tickets in the league…
However you also stated that the Als generate the same revenue as if any other CFL team consistantly drew between 40-60K per game… That is false and you know it…
If you had stated 30K… I would agree with you…
I bet that the Riders and Als draw very comparable revenues at the gate.

with this country’s population growth mainly by immigration, and second and third gen canadians, I wouldnt be surprised to see the cfl continueing to struggle to survive while soccer becomes more popular.

10 viable teams in 2020, no way…sigh