CFL 2015

I have been ask if you could provide info for the 2015 season relative to:

  1. Free Agency
  2. Team Trades
  3. College Draft
  4. Team and/or player salary cap

We appreciate your help as we continue learning about Your CFL.

How was your group’s GC experience in BC ?

FA doesn't begin officially for a while but pending FAs can explore NFL options if they have any. They just can't sign anywhere in the NFL until their contracts officially expire which I think is around Feb 15-ish? or unless their current team releases them early so they can sign the NFL contract. Even if they sign right away they are not eligible to play this season AFAIK. Players getting NFL interest already are OL Brett Jones and DL Shawn Lemon of the Stamps, OL Ben Heenan from the Riders, CB Delvin Breaux of the TCats, and obviously WR Duron Carter of the Als. What you'll mostly see is some teams try to resign some of their pending FAs early which I think allows them to tie any bonus money to any space they have available under this years cap. Toronto just signed a couple of their guys yesterday.

Mostly what's going on is the coaching carousel is spinning. BC canned HC Mike Benavides and GM Buono apparently has already interviewed or is in the process of interviewing Jeff Garcia, Paul LaPolice, and I think I saw Charlie Taafe's and Danny Barrett's names attached to the process as well. Dave Dickenson was taken out of the running when Calgary announced that in 2016 John Hufnagel will step down as HC and turn the team over to Dickenson. Sask dumped the OC George Cortez and their DC Richie Hall is apparently out the door, though I'm not sure if that has been made official yet. Shortly after the regular season ended Ottawa dumped their OC and just yesterday had a presser to announce Jason Maas, ex of the Argos, as the new OC. Over in Toronto, rumors persist that either/both GM Barker and HC Scott Milanovich may be out the door. And here in Winnipeg many fans are up in arms wondering why the OC Marcel Bellefeuille and DC Gary Etchevarry haven't been fired yet.

College draft is not until May, there won't be much detail there other than some news on CIS or Canadian NCAA players and their NFL prospects which will impact how the draft will play out.

That should have you mostly caught up.

We had a great time, after dinner on Saturday night we roamed around to various lounges, some were TiCat fans, some were Stamps fans, some were both didn't matter we were treated well no matter where we went.
We also enjoyed the stadium and game and learned more about the CFL. We have agreed not to make specific comments relative to the game itself since we were visitors/guests.
When one of the Company planes is available next year we will return and try to see some different stadiums and teams.
Have a Great Holiday Season!

Several members of our group want me to Thank You for the info, they really appreciate it. I can tell that the playing season may have ended but the CFL discussions will continue!
Have a Great Holiday Season!

You too Space Ranger !

Cheers, a happy and safe holiday season to you and yours.