CFL 2015 Rosters for Maximum Football 2.89

I decided to go and buy maximum football online as i didnt know they made a version 2 which quite a bit improved over the first.

I have spent about 15 hours so far and am at the Winnipeg Blue Bombers and then only have the east division to do afterwards (even putting guys in from the practice roster). I try using 40 yard dash times to get accurate speed. As for everything else i do the best statistical and personal knowledge, new guys get a bit of a generic treatment. I also rate them very high to reflect there is no higher form of canadian football. All stars in the high 90s and so on.

If anyones interested i should hopefully have the rosters done by this weekend. I dont have accurate jerseys or anything so of anybodys down for that.

I actually have the game working with my PS3 controller using SCP server and makes the game think its an xbox 360 controller. Seem to have a bit of an issue passing but I haven't played it much yet.

It doesnt work on windows 8 but windows 7 works flawless can bump the resolution up a little past 720p too.

I think there is a way to customize jerseys and logos but i havent looked into that part yet.

Ill try and make it available to everyone whose interested in playing a cfl game this year

I have it as well and have most all of the jerseys etc. There is a blog that has jerseys, fields, stadiums etc.

all I got is a J5V :slight_smile:

Sick im goin to check this out right now!

Whats j5v? Im a lil baked rn lol

Its the reason that our balls used to be bigger… Doug Flutie complained enough that they changed them

Not sure to argue the Flutie point or not Bungle. Got changed in his era but not sure it was all him. Could have been US expansion and the amount of wannabe's at the time. But will concede you could be absolutely right and Doug (not Darren) pushed enough to have it changed.
Anyway that JV5 was a beauty, show one to a kid today and their mouth falls open. Like throwing a beach ball comparatively. It was one more thing that set us apart from the US game. Today, not so much.

I was wondering about whether or not we still used those. They should bring it back