CFL 2014 TV Ratings

We have some numbers from the preseason games on TSN and TSN2 over the weekend - a weekend dominated by World Cup on TV. Not bad numbers for preseason IMO - especially the two on TSN2. Those numbers are actually very good for something on that network. (The Friday night game on TSN comes in lower because it was up against the double overtime Stanley Cup clinching game Friday night)

1. NHL, Rangers at Kings, Friday, CBC: 3,335,000* 2. World Cup, England vs. Italy, Saturday, CBC: 2,800,000 3. World Cup, Argentina vs. Bosnia-Herzegovina, Sunday, CBC: 1,868,000 4. World Cup, Brazil vs. Croatia, Thursday, CBC: 1,623,000 5. World Cup, Ivory Coast vs. Japan, Saturday, CBC: 1,551,000 6. World Cup, Chile vs. Australia, Friday, CBC: 1,499,000 7. World Cup, Netherlands vs. Spain, Friday, CBC: 1,422,000 8. World Cup, France vs. Honduras, Sunday, CBC: 1,357,000 9. World Cup, Uruguay vs. Costa Rica, Saturday, CBC: 1,351,000 10. World Cup, Switzerland vs. Ecuador, Sunday, CBC: 1,200,000 11. World Cup, Colombia vs. Greece, Saturday, CBC: 1,182,000 12. World Cup, Mexico vs. Cameroon, Friday, CBC: 750,000 13. MLB, Blue Jays at Orioles, Friday, Sportsnet: 604,000 14. MLB, Blue Jays at Orioles, Saturday, Sportsnet: 599,000 15. MLB, Blue Jays at Orioles, Sunday, Sportsnet: 535,000 16. NBA, Heat at Spurs, Sunday, TSN: 448,000* [b]17. CFL, Blue Bombers at Stampeders, Saturday, TSN2: 332,000 18. CFL, RedBlacks at Roughriders, Saturday, TSN2: 288,000[/b] 19. Golf, U.S. Open final round, Sunday, TSN: 247,000* 20. Golf, U.S. Open third round, Saturday, TSN: 215,000* [b]21. CFL, Lions at Eskimos, Friday, TSN: 197,000[/b]
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not bad , but the world cup is going to dominate ratings until it is over , the cfl will still get excellent ratings but not as big as the world cup will .

With the CBA hangin over the leagues head TSN really did not do much by ways of advertising these pre season games and am0ong all of the big events going on Stanley Cup, NBA Finals, Worldcup, those numbers are very very good.

Kind of a benchmark that the CFL is and will be going forward among the prime mainstream sports that people will watch regardless.

Considering the games were complete garbage and meaningless does not help either... I'm just curious why the Mighty Riders brought in 50K less then the Bombers despite having opponents that have identical slightly more then lukewarm footprints in their communities.

you answered your own question

I am a little surprised by the Rider/Redblack game, TV ratings and attendance. Its only an exhibition game, but I figured Rider fans would be watching to see you might replace Dressler, Simon and Sheets. I would have figured Ottawa would have given the ratings a bump to catch their first glimpse of their new team, even if they are wearing a white helmet which I think is just wrong for Ottawa.

Lord only knows what the monday ratings from Winnipeg were.
Pat.. Do you have any incite?
Good thing Joan Osbourne didn't ask if God was The Late 90s were not as enlightened as now :cowboy:

Many fans held back from buying single game tickets for the preseason games as it looked likely they'd be cancelled, only days before the game. The threat of strike probably cost the CFL several millions in potential ticket and merchandise sales. That was great theatrics by the union to annoy CFL fans, holding a strike vote on the same day they accepted the league's contract offer, while making headlines about how cheap the league was and how little CFL players get paid in relation to other major sports leagues. I'm sure that was an eye-opener for many casual fans.

I read some fans held off from buying seasons tickets this year, especially in Vancouver and Toronto, not wanting to pay in advance for games that might not even be played...especially since there are a bountiful supply of seats available if they choose to attend.

making it even more remarkable that 24,000 showed up at IGF for the Argos @ Bombers pre-season game.

If the Bombers can field a half decent team this year, sellouts will not be uncommon with such a passionate fanbase.

Winnipeg/Calgary game was more prime time for more of the west than the Riders Redblacks game - hence more viewers. 8:00PM in Winnipeg and 7:00PM in Calgary. The start time in Regina (either 5:00PM or 4:00PM - I can never remember what time of year Saskatchewan is one hour behind us and what part they are two hours behind us - lol) - so lots of people are still out and about enjoying outdoor events or doing other things at this time of year.

Plus the Riders - Redblacks game was up against the England - Italy World Cup game that attracted over 2.8 million fans to CBC at the same time. The Stamps - Bummers game was only up against the 1.5 million watching Ivory Coast - Japan.

I would be interested in reading that article if you can post it, Xvys.

Lions President Dennis Skulsky was on the radio saying they had their busiest season ticket day of the off-season when the potential strike made headlines. But that was early on - before all this talk of "poverty" and "some teams could fold" by the players and Players Union which may have turned some fans off.

I'm surprised that a pre-season game on TSN2 had such good ratings. I like many others can't get TSN2 only TSN1.

Also surprised that 1.2 Million Canadians watched Switzerland and Camaroon!!

There was nowhere near 24K there.. 10K would be more accurate... The CFL needs to put all exibition games in neutral sites... Whether it's Kelowna or Victoria, Saskatoon, Brandon, Anchorage,London, Windsor, QC, etc. If you can get 5000 people to show up for a game in a small stadium then it is better then what we have been seeing. The Argos smartly already do this.

The problem with that is that season tickets holders buy pre season tickets as part of their package whether they use them or not.
Toronto gets away with this because there is so much extra seating that season ticket holders can be coomped extra ticket to a regular season game or choose to go to Varsity. Saving them lots of $$$ in renting RC over the cost f0or Varsity. They will be likely to hold their TC and pre season game next year in York at the new stadium.
So while it could work at the bigger stadiums in Toronto and Vancouver not a whole lot of room to comp tickets for the smaller capacity stadiums

sell the preseason game separetly... Season ticket holders get the preseason game for free... So if you can get 5000 fans to actually pay good money for a good experience... Say at 40 bucks a pop (200K) this would pay for atleast some of the camp costs. The way it stands now, the camp and preseason game are nothing but a finacial drain... Nobody pays for the tickets, so what is the point? Then nobody bothers to show up? What is the point?

Pretty good ratings for TSN2 games and overall considering it is pre season and all.
Having said that though, a little surprised like others have said how the Ottawa Sask game did not do better.

Both the NFL and the CFL do the same thing. It is just away to secure that tickets are sold for pre season games. season ticket holders may not go or they will give them away if anyone wants them or they may just go because they paid for them. Whichever it is the tickets are sold.
So if you have your stadium under regular circumstances you will play your pre season game at your home stadium.
There is nothing regular about the Argos situation since Rogers bought skydome.

I don't give a flying crap what is done in the NFL...This is the CFL... Can you honestly tell me that any CFLteam(other then the Argos) will make any revenues off of their pre-season game. I literally could hear individual fans yelling at all of the games... There was nobody at all in Calgary. Was there even 1000 fans there? Even if there was fans there, they were free tickets.
I say that you sell the season tickets for the same price but don't include the preseason game... then you spend some money and actually be proactive and sell the tickets in a market with no CFL team. Giving them away to people who don't want to go, because they already have tickets to 9 games of superior quality is just lazy. Lazy like not investing in a video game and lazy like having a joke of a Hall of Fame that averages 2.9 visits a day.... The league needs some new blood to slap some life into it. WAKE UP!!!! THE 5 MILLION YOU JUST SAVED BY SCREWING THE PLAYERS SHOULD BE REINVESTED INTO THE LEAGUE!!!!

Ok the CFL has been doing this for years and years and years. Teams make money off of selling 10 game season ticket packages. And although it may be fun to have a game in Red Deer the team will lose money.
Now if your home field is not available then you have to look into those options.
Anyone you know who has season tickets to whatever their hom team is they will tell you the same.
Unless the CFL is going to pay you more money than you would make at a pre season game than no one will give up their home pre season game under normal circumstances.

Bungle...what are you talking about? Calgary had over 27000. 1000 people? Get realistic.

And pay for 9+1, not just the regular season tickets. Sure, some clubs put up discounts to sell more at times, and of course you get some discount buying tickets...that's the perk of being a season ticket holder...aside of assuring seats. Open up a couple team's pages and look at singles vs season tix and it is pretty simple to see.