CFL 2014 schedule

Set to come out tomorrow at noon. Counting the days til McPherson's return. :smiley:

Als will start at McMaster university June 14 in a pre-season against the tiger-cats. just got the info a few minutes before the schedule release.

Every game besides regular sunday ones and turkey day are on fridays!! My poor liver. Beer sales just went up 98% and the season hasnt even started yet.

I love this home game schedule. All are Friday nights in the summer or Sunday afternoons in the autumn. Yes! The fans have spoken and the team/league listened. Hittin’ up the game on a Friday, off to the jazz fest for some post game good times, then afterhours at New City Gas. I can feel the hangover already. :smiley:

I’m hoping the Als do the fan train for one of the Als vs Rouge&Noir. Both away games in Ottawa land on a Friday night. I applaude those who get to the train station at 5am to go to Hamilton for the annual event. However, being anywhere at 5am for this guy is not in the cards.

Le Chugg.

Great schedule. By weeks are in the right windows. only one double on the road and early enough in the year. :thup:

Fan train or not, i think we should arrange a huge trip to Ottawa. We can car pool if anything!

Un assez bon calendrier, mais...

Ce qui me désole, c'est que 4 des 6 dernières parties seront jouées à l'extérieur. Au moins, 5 de ces 6 parties seront jouées dans le même fuseau horaire, mais il demeure que le titre de la division va se jouer à ce moment-là, et nos joueurs devront constamment affronter l'hostilité des terrains adverses.

Si les Alouettes vont aux éliminatoires en 2014, ils ne l'auront pas volé!

Totally! I hope a legion of Als fans venture to the capital for those games. Since it's not that far away,we can throw at Montreal style party in the stands, there will be a suficient tailgate area, and none of this 5am buisness :lol: .

Actually its 4AM

Im hoping for the fan train to be in Hamilton Its a 4 oclock start so the train will prob leave at 8.....Ill drive down to Ottawa for at least one game so this way I get to see both new stadiums and break my record of 13 Als games in one season

Well, at least we don't have those stupid B-2-Bs like last season. There were 4 of them! Sheesh!

As always, I look forward to the start of a new season. But, boys and girls, this is officially the post-AC era! What will our new team look like?

Will the Troy Smith/Tanner Marsh duo be adequate replacements? Will Whitaker be back and be able to perform as he once did? If not, will Tyrell Sutton, Tyron Carrier be able to pick up the slack? Will JRich be good to go and can he regain form? For all of this to work, we need great O-players to be at their best led by, by.....??????

I'm not sure what to expect from the 2014 season. We have been indeed spoiled by Anthony Calvillo and a host of great receivers. We are used to seeing our QB slice and dice opposing Ds, wearing them down...

I remain hopeful, but wary.

We will be competitive but not dominant. Those days are over, first this is a league with a tight CAP. Look at the Riders, they've been gutted, I mean gutted. Also the other teams are run better. This is why not having a coaching staff in place is really damaging because the difference between a champ and a chump are in the details. The majority of our FA coming back tells me Popp is well liked which is a good thing. So Wetenhall should take the two years and let Popp try and find an offensive coordinator ASAP.

Schedule looks good, although I'm not wild about the fact that we don't play Hamilton until week 11. That's dumb.

For me a fan in the US I love the sunday 1:00 Fall starts. it is how I kick off my football Fall Sundays.
Moving from Sumer thursday Night games to Friday nights will get more viewership from Friday Night football and possibily a few more in the seats. :thup: :thup: