Round 3/4 - Tyrone Crawford - Defensive end, Boise State
Round 6 - Shamawd Chambers - Wide receiver, Wilfrid Laurier
Round 7 - Ben Heenan - Offensive lineman, Saskatchewan
Round 7 - Austin Pasztor - Offensive lineman, Virginia

1 - SSK - Ben Heenan - Offensive lineman, Saskatchewan
He may be stuck in the NFL for 2012, but Heenan could have a long career in Riderville.

2 - EDM - Shamawd Chambers - Wide receiver, Wilfrid Laurier
Chambers will get a look at in the NFL, but expect Tillman to take a chance on Chambers being a late cut.

3 - HAM - Austin Pasztor - Offensive lineman, Virginia
A quality OL prospect that may be a FA after the NFL draft. He could be available for the start of the CFL season.

4 - BC - Tyrone Crawford - Defensive end, Boise State
Crawford may be a third or fourth round pick in the NFL. He may never come north, but if he out.

5 - CGY - Kirby Fabien - Offensive lineman, Calgary
Calgary born OL. Fans love to cheer for the local boys.

6 - EDM - Frédéric Plesius - Linebacker, Laval
The rumour mill says Tillman will go after Pleasius. He sees something special in the Laval LB.

7 - BC - Simon Charbonneau-Campeau - Wide receiver, Sherbrooke
Wally Buono has found talent at NIP receiver before. He will not pass up a chance at the 6'4 prospect.

8 - WPG - Ameet Pall - Defensive End, Wofford
LaPolice started NIP DE Kashama last year with some success. Pall will add Canadian depth at DE for the Bombers.

pretty much spot on picks. I dont think crawford will go that high for the simple fact teams wont want to use a first round pick on an NFL hopeful.

Kyle quinlin in the fourth round?

I can't see the Lions taking a highly rated receiver considering they already have a tonne of studs at non-import receiver (Gore, Foster, Iannuzzi, Jackson). Then again, I sure didn't think they would take a kicker in the 2nd round last year, so anything could happen.

Reading through the 2012 NFL Draft Preview-689 players are included and graded- prepared by Nolan Nawrocki and the Editors of Pro Football Weekly, I have a few comments on best players eligible-as per CFL scouting bureau- for the upcoming CFL draft to be held on May 3,2012; some of these eligible players are listed and the most are not.

Ben Heenan-OL-Graded number 1 by CFL scouting bureau. While 25 centres,75 guards and 71 tackles are included in the 2012 NFL Draft Preview,Ben Heenan is not included/listed. Although he could be signed as a free agent by a NFL team,I still expect that he will be drafted number 1 overall,by Saskatchewan.

Tyrone Crawford-DE-Graded number 2 by CFL scouting bureau. Listed number 9 amongst defensive ends-in 2012 NFL Draft Preview- and expected to be drafted by a NFL team in round three to fourth. I nevertheless expect him to be drafted by a CFL team; having 9 choices,including 2 in the fifth and 2 in the sixth, Calgary is the most probable team to draft him.

Austin Pasztor-OL- Graded number 3 by CFL scouting bureau. Listed 44 amongst guards-in 2012 NFL Draft Preview-and projected to be signed as a free agent,by a NFL team. I expect him to be drafted by a CFL team in round 1 or 2.

Ameet Pall-DE- Graded number 7 by CFL scouting bureau. At 6.0 and 245 lbs,small for a NFL defensive lineman.Rated number 41 as outside linebacker-by 2012 NFL Draft Preview- and expected to be signed as a free agent,by a NFL team. I expect him to be drafted in round 2 or 3 by a CFL team.

Christo Bilukidi-DE/DT- Graded number 12 by CFL scouting bureau. Listed 53 amongst defensive tackles-by 2012 NFL Draft Preview- and expected to be signed as a NFL free agent.I expect him to be drafted by a CFL team in round 2 or 3.

Players such as Shamawd Chambers -WR- and Frédéric Plesius-LB-, ranked respectively 4 and 6 by CFL scouting bureau,are not listed in 2012 NFL Draft Preview. I expect Chambers to be drafted in round 1 and Plesius in round 1 or 2.

In exactly 3 weeks from now, we will have all the answers regarding the 2012 CFL Draft.


Little over 2 weeks away now; Quite a few fans say the Esks choose Chambers, but I would like to see Plesius as their choice.

Quinlan, the QB from McMaster you mean?

he will not be drafted, certainly not as a QB. I was at the Vanier, he was valiant and was fun to watch. But he just does not have the tools to play pro. Not nearly the arm. Not from what I saw.

What's the word on Gascon-Nadon out of Laval? I thought he was regarded quite highly but haven't heard much about him at all.

I really like Plesisus too. You know for sure he can make a solid contribution right away on ST and I think he's got enough size and athleticism to be a decent starting LB in a couple of years.

Didn't have a great E-Camp and I'm hoping he falls to Toronto at #9, but I really don't see that as being very likely. Edmonton will have their choice of either Chambers or Plesius, since it seems pretty certain Heenan will go to the Riders. In terms of value, it would make more sense to go with Chambers at #2 and then try to come back with Plesius with their other first round pick. Much better chance that Plesius is still there at #6 than there is for Chambers to be.

I can't understand why people still have the idea that a QB from the CIS can be a viable starting QB in the CFL. It's a nice romantic notion, but not at all realistic. If there's ever another starting Canadian QB, he's going to come from the NCAA - - not the CIS.

It's great to throw for 400yds and 5TDs against York and UofT, but could he do that against anyone from the SEC? The lack of arm strangth is a huge factor, but an even bigger problem is not being able to read a defence. Look at Jay Cutler - - he's got a cannon for an arm, but no clue how to recognize coverages.

Players will often say the biggest challenge in the pros (CFL or NFL) is how much faster the game is. Only a few D1 QBs each year will ever be successful at reading coverage. A QB from the CIS? Not a chance.

My present prediction regarding round 1 of upcoming CFL draft:

Saskatchewan-Ben Heenan-OL
Edmonton-Shamawd Chambers-WR-
Hamilton-Christo Bilukidi-DE-
BC-Ameet Pall-DE-
Calgary-Matt Norman-OL-
Edmonton-Frédéric Plesius-LB
BC-Austin Pasztor-OL


Bang on. This idea of a CIS QB starting in the CFL is a romance, plain and simple. The quality just isn't there, and I don't see that changing in the foreseeable future, because we don't spend like a drunken sailor on college football. (IMO a good thing, as we watch the economy implode in the States -- I'd rather have universal health care and regulated banks than a frackin college QB who can read coverage)

I agree with most of those selections, but I can see Calgary taking Pasztor with their pick, they have a stock pile of picks, and can afford to wait a couple years for Pasztor to make his way up here. There has been talk about him being the best OL in this draft. It will be interesting with the Riders, we don't NEED another Canadian OL, but I think it would be a stretch to take Chambers 1st overall, so I see us either taking Heenan, or trading the 1st to grab a few more early picks.

I sort of concur. Our universities aren't really set up to develop future professional athletes. They're barely even set up to develop elite amateurs. For most people, varsity sport is simply an extra curricular activity. Football is the exception (though a number CIS hockey players are ex-CHLers who do occasionally get a call from a pro team). I think it's weird to pit that against universal health care and regulated banks, though. I'm pretty sure we could have those two things and a system for developing QBs who can read coverage, we just wouldn't necessarily be developing them through the school system. I wonder what the rest of the world does to develop its athletes. I'm pretty sure the US is the odd one out by using collegiate athletics to develop professionals.

Of late Tillman has been working hard to work something out with Sask. to get the first pick - OL Ben Heenan. I think the Riders are talking about (want) a Canadian starter and one/or more picks.
Question? Which Canadian staters; WR - Nowacki, WR - Scott, - (P/K Schiavone < perhaps not)......
Perhaps a Saskatchewan poster can respond on some thoughts...ect.

Personally, I'm thinking one of your stock piled D-lineman, and 2nd pick or 6th pick, for our 1st pick, and maybe someone along the lines of West to battle Charles? Or a pick in next year draft, likely a 3rd or so?

Anther option I would look at would be trading our 1st, and 15th, for your 2nd and 6th straight up. Not sure about that though.

I just realized the draft will be on Thursday rather than Sunday. Why is that? 12PM PST / 3PM EST
Talk about bad timing. It will be interesting to see how many watch.

League said they get better media coverage during the week since most reporters don't write on weekends.

If I am GM of Riders, I'm asking for a defensive (non-LB) starter to swap the first 2 picks. Doesn't necessarily have to be NI. I don't want a receiver, because I'll just take Shamauwd at #2.

I'd start with Chris Thompson. Tillman would say no. I'd move down a list of 3 or 4 guys that I want (Julius Williams, Rod Williams, Legare). Tillman probably says no to all of them (because Tillman is smart).

I'd end up keeping the pick and taking Heenan, then possibly moving a guy like Alex Krausnick-Groh back east for a pick or a NI body.

OR- I would just send K-Groh to Edmonton for Matt Carter. Freeing up space on both depth charts so that I could just take Heenan and Tillman could just take Shamawd.

Instead Taman will probably take someone like Nowacki and throw in some future picks the other way as well (because Taman isn't smart like Tillman is).

I had assumed the odd start time was due to the uncertainty of the Stanley Cup playoffs (if an Eastern team were to have been playing, primetime wouldn't be an option). However, the LA Kings are hosting the Blues that night at 7pm PDT/10pm EDT. I wonder if TSN would/is able to switch the start time for the draft to 7pm or 7:30pm EDT, considering they are planning on showing the very sports-related 2011 World Series of Poker: Final Table in that timeslot...

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Tyrone Crawford was drafted at 81 in the third round of the NFL draft. That should make his stock drop below the third round of next week's draft.