CFL 2007 Team Attendance - Average Estimates?


I'm interested in what people think will be the estimated average attendance for each team throughout the 2007 season? Thoughts?


I'll take a guess, even though these numbers will probably mean nothing.

Edmonton- 40,000
BC- 33,000
Calgary- 31,000
Hamilton - 28,000
Winnipeg - 26,000
Toronto - 26,000
Saskatchewan - 25,000
Montreal - 20,000

Does anyone have the average attendance #'s for '05 or '06, and could post them please?

Team G Total Average
Edmonton Eskimos 9 340,830 37,870
British Columbia Lions 9 280,708 31,190
Calgary Stampeders 9 276,944 30,772
Toronto Argonauts 9 267,094 29,677
Winnipeg Blue Bombers 9 242,890 26,988
Hamilton Tiger-Cats 9 240,572 26,730
Saskatchewan Roughriders 9 227,633 25,293
Montreal Alouettes 9 207,223 23,025
TOTAL 72 2,083,894 28,943

Team G Total Average
Edmonton Eskimos 9 377,398 41,933
British Columbia Lions 9 293,528 32,614
Calgary Stampeders 9 281,426 31,270
Toronto Argonauts 9 271,763 30,196
Hamilton Tiger-Cats 9 252,018 28,002
Saskatchewan Roughriders 9 229,090 25,454
Winnipeg Blue Bombers 9 218,855 24,317
Montreal Alouettes 9 212,885 23,654
Ottawa Renegades 9 166,402 18,489
TOTAL 81 2,303,365 28,437

I'll guess Edmonton's attendance will suffer very slightly because of missing the playoffs, BC's will continue to rise, and Montreal's will stay dead-constant :slight_smile: (Though that's not taking into account their Big Owe game. Unfortunately, games at the Big Owe seem to be losing attendance as time goes on ... )

Otherwise I'd say everyone's attendance will go up, with the possible exception of Hamilton. Apparently a lot of their attendance was made up of 3-year season-ticket holders who came on board when Bob Young took over, and I heard a rumour that they may be fed up by now, and not choose to renew (since the team has done so badly). I hope that's not the case, since they have had GREAT attendance for such an unlucky team.

Edmonton: 37,000
BC: 32,000 (momentum)
Calgary: 31,500
Toronto: 31,000 (Grey Cup year)
Winnipeg: 26,000
Saskatchewan: 26,000
Hamilton: 25,000 (I hope it's more)
Montreal: 23,624 (8 games @ 20,202, plus their Big Owe game @ 51,000)

I wonder about Calgary attendance. I really hope it keeps going up. It's still recovering from the F-Troop fiasco between 2001-2004. Before then, Calgary always got crowds of 30,000+ (33 home games in a row). I really want to see it return to that - in fact, I suspect that if F-troop hadn't come in, the Stamps would be getting at least 32,000 to every game, and averaging about 34,000 a year. But 2007 is hard to predict. We've now choked in the playoffs the past two years, in the same game, in the same fashion, in the same stadium. We haven't improved on Burris, who (deservedly or not) will take the brunt of the blame from fans. These are reasons attendance may not improve. OTOH, we still have a good regular-season team, we were 8-1 at home last year, Boerigter is back (we have one of the league's top receiving corps, if not the best), we still have DeAngelis, Reynolds and awesome linebackers, and this will be the new (competent) owner's 3rd year - all reasons why attendance could improve.

Toronto, especially if they have a good team could have some great numbers in the fall. 40, maybe 45+ near playoff time. However, the struggling summer will no doubt balance these numbers to say under 30 000. I for one can not go to any of the summer games as they are all on weeknights this year, hence no season tickets. I have a feeling many out of towners will be in the same boat and will be there come fall with me. The first game is a Thursday night at 6:30??? LOL, I mean who the heck can make it that date and time, except those staying after work on Bay St?

I don't understand that 6:30 start time, either. Seems a taaaad early! Maybe the CFL is planning some sort of "kickoff" celebration ... I hope so, since I've been wanting them to do that for years! It does feature the defending champs, in the GC host city ...

Sorry to say ArgoZ, but I doubt the Argos are as concerned about out-of-towners as they are about the 4 million in-towners that don't go to games :wink: Awesome that you'll be at all the fall games, though!

As for Big Owe attendance dropping over the past two years - well, two years ago it was a solid 51,000 against Toronto, and last year it was a still impressive 45,000 against Edmonton. This year it's against Toronto again, so I suspect it will be a 50,000+ crowd - bigger rivalry.

BC - 34,000 Grey Cup champions!
Edmonton - 36,000 Missed playoffs.
Calgary - 32,000 Resurgence will continue despite playoff collapse.
Saskatchewan - 26,000 Slight increase due to renewed hope with new coach and GM.
Winnipeg - 28,000 "Grey Cup effect"
Hamilton - 25,000 Slight drop due to suckage in recent years
Toronto - 33,000 Growing fanbase + Grey Cup year
Montreal - 24,000

I hope they're all higher though especially Edmonton.

Heres a good site with attendances from many leagues from different sports:

Any way, My estimates:
Edmonton- 38,000
BC- 33,000
Calgary- 31,000
Toronto - 30,000
Winnipeg - 28,000
Hamilton - 26,000
Saskatchewan - 25,000
Montreal - 24,000