CFL 2007 Sideline Players Hats

What do we all think of the new hats?

Personally, I don't like them. They're too loud for everyday wear, plus all those layers makes them feel heavy.

I really don't like the flex-fit bands either. Maybe I just have a weird head, but every time i wear my Toronto Raptors one-size-fits-all hat gives me a headache.

I dont think they are all that bad, in fact some of them look great. I like the Hamilton caps, and the Stamp , Lion and Rider hats are good as well. The Bomber hat with the blue W on it is the one that looks terrible to me.

I can't wear those 'cause my head is too big (no surprise there eh?). Any of those low-rise caps look ridiculous on me. I either have to have the MLB-style high-rise box cap or a wear a straw hat of some kind.

I would buy an Eskies hat if they offered one that suited my giant (XL) noggin.

I love the styles of them.

I agree they look good :thup:

I think they look fine. The hats I really like are those that are all one colour, except for the left front panel, which has 2 solid colours sharing it. Then the logo is on the right front panel, and relatively small. Anyone know which I'm talking about?

Now that the Pikemen have their own hat, I'm warming up to them a little bit :slight_smile: (check out the signature)

compared to a lot of the old orange on orange Lions hats they aren't loud at all. I think they are great.

i like the ticat and argos ones, but im not a fan of the flex-fit hats ( dont fit well ), and i dont like that the visor looks way too thick.