CFL 2006 Madden Rosters

Hey guys, I wanted to let the guys who have my rosters from last year know that I am almost all done on the 2006 one. Just waiting for Monday until the final cuts to finish off the rosters with the rookies and it's all ready to go. So if anyone wants the Roster updates let me know and I'll send you my address to send me your memory card.

Rosters are on Madden 2005 for XBox with the CFL teams created and all 50ish players per team also created and individually rated per attribute with the last 3 years of stats. Next year, I'll switch up to Madden ?? on the XBox 360... if I can afford one but for now, the game should be like $20 at EB Games. I don't have a PS2 roster :frowning: Of course Ricky Williams is on the Argos :wink:


good stuff

Marty.. do you think you could put the Eskimo's stats on a word page or something for me since I have PS2?


im kinda interested in what overalls uve given the if its not to much trouble would u mind posting them? thanks

I'd like to see them too if you don't mind.


I'll make a simplified spreadsheet with all the ratings if you guys want.

yah thatd be good, thanks

Yeah, that would be really good. Damn.. I wish you had this on PS2, I'd even give you some money for it. Lol

Also, could you e-mail me what stats and stuff you've gave the Eskimos? Also, I know from last year that you grab a players face from the NFL and put it on the CFL player. So maybe could you include what NFL faces you used for the Eskimos? Thanks. I got NFL Madden 2006, but I'm sure that won't make a difference.

Also, how did you get the stats of the players? You said, "I got stats of the players for the past 3 years." How did you do that? Did you edit the player somehow?

Thanks again.

once he posts the spreadsheets I'll getthe PC rosters uploaded

Marty mix ur pretty fricken awsome i think lol. thanks a lot man

I'm just finishing off Winnipeg and Sask rosters and I'll try and upload the file to my website.
I got the stats using the stats on the CFL website. Entered each one for each player and then used some psycho mathematical equations to give them an Overall score. Then I used the details of the stats (like catches per game over 3 years to equal CTH on a 99-0 scale in comparison to the same ratios as NFL players vs CFL). SOunds complicated, cause it is.
I'll just make a player rating sheet of all the players. As for "likeness" I did the best I could using free agents and the 8 NFL team players (to make the CFL teams I edited the Titans, Texans, Saints, Lions, 49ers, Browns, Cards and Raiders) Then created the CFL teams.

It's a lot of work to do, it'll take you a week at least. The most complicated is finding enough Black QBs and White WRs! LOL!

Ohh and it's hard to judge SPEED with stats, so I a guessed it was the ones who returns kicks and my knowledge.

That sounds really complicated. Lol

On the new Madden, if you create a player it just shows the face you picked when making the player. So it's not just a blank face.

u should have used the rams for the bombers cuz those are like exact jerseys

And which one of those teams did you make the Eskimos with? Lol.. Pretty weird you never used the Packers.

Also Martymix, is there any way you can maybe make it on a friends PS2 or something like that? I'd be willing to pay. Lol

And could you give a rough estimate as to when the rosters will be ready? I'm pretty excited for them. :smiley:

Just finished them LAST NIGHT!! WOOHOO!!!
I try to max out the 55 players per team so when you play frnashise, the CPU CFL teams don't sign FAs. But it's all done!

I didn't use the Packers because they weren't one of the worst teams and some people might want to play them vs a CFL team :smiley: Besides, it doesn't matter cause I create the each CFL team with uniforms and all, so the NFL team I use to put the players on are just for player management.

I simmed this weeks games and 3rd will have the results posted, pretty close 4 games... I also played the Als vs Argos and Ricky Williams is a ball hog!! LOL! 30 carries on me last night for 200yards!!

Okay, I'll go copy the ratings somewhere now for the PS2 users. I COULD do them on PS@ if I HAD one, but it also takes about a week to complete is you have all the ratings. MAKING the ratings took me a few MONTHS to do and perfecting them.. well I'm still doing that all the time :wink:

Well guys.. I'm DONE!

and here it is...

This has been over 2 years of work for me, so please be nice :smiley:

Yeah man ! You rock dude !

I love that you posted a picture of Stewart sacking Ray !