I think the CFL should focus on the Pee-wee game more than anything else, everything after that will follow. The kids will go on to high school and so on and so fourth. The CFL teams should invite a couple of pee-wee teams to each game, give the kids some autographs and souvieners and make it memorable for them, something they will carry for the rest of their whole lives. The grass roots level is the key to everything, just as it is in hockey. The Teams could announce the teams like they do at Oilers games, try and make it a event for them so that the memories will fuel their passion for the game. The CFL will then have that generation share their memories with their kids and so on and so fourth. The bottom line is the CFL needs to get in on the Pee-wee game as much a humanly possible.

And officials!!!!!!!


You are right man. But I've been to Commonwealth dozens of times and I actually remember the PA announcer pointing out minor football teams in attendance courtesy of the Esks. I know it happens in Regina courtesy of the Riders too. I'm sure it happens already, all over. Pay attention... sheesh! You are right though, it's the bottom line literally.


This is the most believable CFL expansion idea I have heard of.

IMO travel costs are do-able, Canada West CIS football teams fly a lot and if a Canadian University can pull it off, semi-pro CFL2 can do it too. It will be a lot easier to get cities to upgrade existing CIS Stadiums or build a $15 million dollar 10,000 seat stadium (like Saputo Stadium) for CFL2 than a $80+ million 30,000 seat stadium.

The good half of Landsdowne, the new Moncton Stadium and TD Waterhouse Stadium in London will do nicely. PEPS in Quebec, RAP in Victoria and Huskies Stadium in Halifax all have enough seats and a field but would need upgrades. The Apple Bowl and Griffiths Stadium in Saskatoon would just need 3-4,000 of temp seats to be big enough.

8 teams in Halifax, Quebec, Ottawa, London, Moncton, Saskatoon, Victoria and Kelowna playing 14 games. Start in May and play the final on or before Labour Day. This avoids NFL and CIS overlap and minimizes CFL schedule overlap. Then the players are free to find an NFL or CFL tryout. An Arena Football sized salary of $30,000 for 4 months of "work" playing football sounds pretty good to me. It would be a great place to develop Canadian players, coaches, officials and grow the game.

As to ownership... single owner of the whole league like Major League Soccer. The CFL should own it since the CFL is the only group that knows anything about running (semi)professional football in Canada.

All you have to do is find RICH OWNERS. Anyone know where they are hiding?

I guess, sporty, those rich owners are hiding in the states somewhere, in Europe or on their own island they bought, away from any kind of civilization...

There are wealthy Canadians throwing money at sports in Canada. Jim Ballsillie, Darryl Katz, Ted Rogers, the Saputo family, Greg Kerfoot. I realize finding someone to throw money at Canadian Football is a different matter.

I just thought that it was more realistic than the usual expansion threads and the new stadium wish lists that add up to hundreds of millions.

has anybody ever watched top level flag football league, which a lot of ex pros play in. It can be pretty entertaining. Sure wish there was such a thing as pro flag football. I would have played in it for sure if it has existed in my day, sigh

sure beats

beach volleyball

If we could only all be our own talent evaluators. Shoot I'd be in the EPL beside Steven Gerrard!